Megane Convertible

27 JULY 2018

After nearly two years of trouble-free motoring, the Megane died a few weeks back. It was running fine when all of a sudden it was as though it had been struck by an electromagnetic pulse – no drive and no power, with all of the dials remaining in their pre-death position.

It has left the PB fleet on the back of a low-loader, to return when the fault has been diagnosed.

Renault Megane Convertible


Make: Renault
Model: Megane Convertible Sport Alize
Year: 2000
Engine: 1.6-litre 16v
Purchased: July 2016
Price: £500

Why is it on the PETROLBLOG fleet?
Because it happened to be parked in the farmyard when we were in Dorset to collect three goats.