21 JULY 2018

With the exhaust welding sorted, the W123 was sent for an MOT with the knowledge that she would fail on brakes. Predictably, she did, but the issues were sorted via the fabrication of three sections of brake pipes and freeing up the handbrake mechanism. Failing to spot the blocked washer jet before the MOT was a novice mistake. I’m blaming the hot weather and lack of use!

16 JULY 2018

Ahead of its MOT, the W123 was sent to a backstreet garage for some welding. While she was there, a man prodded her undercarriage with a stick looking for holes. Fortunately, she doesn’t have any, which is a relief.


Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: 230E
Year: 1982
Engine: 2.3-litre
Purchased: August 2015

Why is it on the PETROLBLOG fleet?
Because it serves as a reminder of how cars should be built. You don’t truly appreciate the brilliance of the W123 until you own one.