3rd September 2010

The Classifieds Indulger: Fezzas, Astons, Fords & the avoidable

Ace automotive tweeter and blogger Charlie Johnson has been engaging in an activity that seems to come very naturally to us petrolheads. The art of whiling […]
15th June 2010
Ford Probe 24v

Car Confessional: Skoda Superb and Ford Probe

Skeletons in the closet and guilty pleasures. PetrolBlog enters the confessional and declares a fondness for the Skoda Superb and Ford Probe.
2nd May 2010
Ferrari Testarossa door fins for the Ford Capri

The Capri ’Testarossa‘ you always promised yourself?

Back in the day, you could turn your Ford Capri into a Ferrari Testarossa for less than £15. Forget Bodie or Doyle, you could be Crockett or Tubbs.
1st March 2010
Ford Probe red

Ford Probe: Snapper to crusher in 16 years

One minute it's being celebrated by Jeremy Clarkson, the next minute it's being crushed by the DVLA. But is it time to mourn the passing of the Ford Probe?