25th March 2015
Why the Ford Fiesta ST should be pulled from sale

Why the Ford Fiesta ST should be pulled from sale

The Ford Fiesta ST is ruining everything. Which is why PetrolBlog is urging Ford Motor Company to pull it from sale. It's only fair.
9th August 2014
Ford Scorpio Ultima Estate For Sale

Beautifully ugly: Ford Scorpio Ultima estate

John Cradden is selling this rather wonderful Ford Scorpio Ultima estate. It's the facelift model that pretty much signalled the end of production. We like.
9th December 2013
2015 Ford Mustang for Europe

Ford Mustang: pointless loser, global icon

PetrolBlog is invited to Barcelona to see the new Ford Mustang that's destined for Europe in 2015. Will the right-hand drive Mustang live up to its promise?
29th July 2013
Ford Fiesta ST

Blueprint: Ford Fiesta ST

PetrolBlog spends a week with the delightful Ford Fiesta ST and is happy to report that the hot hatch is alive and kicking in 2013. Which is a relief.
25th May 2013
The Weekend Supplement on PetrolBlog

The Weekend Supplement: 25th May 2013

It's the PetrolBlog Weekend Supplement, featuring some satisfactory waffle, the Scirocco Million, Steve Soper, Auto Trader and a Ford Orion 1.6i Ghia. Enjoy.
9th April 2013
Rob Griggs-Taylor and Ford Sierra

Regrets: Rob’s Ford Sierra XR4x4i

The Ford Sierra XR4x4i - a tale of regret from PetrolBlog's resident guest blogger, Rob Griggs-Taylor and a warning never to meet your heroes.
2nd April 2013
Ford Capri Ghia

Regrets: Ford Capri – Architecture and Morality

Memories are made of this. Peter Counsell recounts a real tale of regret featuring his late father and an old Ford Capri Laser.
18th February 2013
Maserati Ghibli Cup

Simon Ford’s Real World Dream Barn

Simon Ford of Simon's Car Spots selects the ten cars that would fill his Real World Dream Barn.
13th September 2012
Ford Ka on PetrolBlog

Darren’s going back to basics

Darren Leslie is growing increasingly angry with the level of equipment being added to base spec cars. Here are his thoughts.
7th June 2012

SMMT Test Day 2012: Speed dating, part two

It’s been nearly a week since an update on PetrolBlog, so how about something new? Part two of my SMMT Test Day report. This update features […]
1st June 2012

Half a Shatchback: Half the horror?

How do you solve a problem like a Shatchback? Simple, you grab a circular saw and cut the thing in half. No more Shatchback. That’s exactly […]
28th September 2011
Mk1 Ford Fiesta XR2

David Milloy remembers the MK1 Ford Fiesta XR2

David Milloy arrives on PetrolBlog as a guest blogger and remembers the brilliant MK1 Ford Fiesta XR2. One of the best hot hatches of the 1980s?