19th August 2021
Renault Avantime in Geneva

You won’t believe these facts about French cars

William Dickey is back with one of those lists you see on the internet. Families in Lewisham Won’t Believe These Ten Facts About French Cars.
23rd March 2021
Mk1 Toyota Yaris

William has had enough of these top ten lists

William Dickey has had enough of top 10 cars lists. Here, he names the worst offenders, including ‘worst cars’ and ’worst car names’.
2nd February 2021
Renault 11 Broadway

Give my regards to the Renault 11 Broadway

Give my regards to the limited edition Renault 11 Broadway: a musical theatre workshop. Or, how do you solve a problem like a Kia?
2nd December 2020
Chrysler Valiant Charger

Great Chrysler UK Journeys: Staycation Hints for Our Time

Move over, Portillo, because William Dickey has been on a virtual tour of the UK using his collection of Chrysler UK car brochures as a guide.
11th November 2020
Ford Puma ST 2020

Helping Ford Out of a Great Big Hole

William Dickey has thoughts on Ford's current naming policy and an idea for an advertising campaign for the new Mustang Mach-E electric car.
11th September 2020
BMW X7 Dark Shadow Edition Large SUV

Something Wicked This Way Comes: The Large SUV

William Dickey returns to PetrolBlog with an objective analysis of current large SUV styling trends. This post contains horrifying and scary images.
6th August 2020
Nissan Primer

William introduces the DIY limited edition car

William Dickey returns to the pages of PetrolBlog with news of some rather obscure DIY limited edition cars that nearly made him fall off his bike.
23rd June 2020
Ford Cortina GXL

The Ford Cortina: a listener’s top ten guide

Inspired by Peter Counsell's recent CarTunes feature, William Dickey delivers a top ten countdown of songs containing an ode to the Ford Cortina.