7th May 2015
Rob buys a redish Vauxhall Corsa Active

Rob buys a pinksh Vauxhall Corsa Active

Rob Griggs-Taylor returns to PetrolBlog to tell us about his new purchase - a pinkish Vauxhall Corsa Active. He saved it from the scrapyard. Hoorah.
10th May 2013
Citroën CX 2400 IE Pallas

Rob’s Real World Dream Barn revisited

Inspired by David Tillyer, Rob Griggs-Taylor has returned to PetrolBlog with another ten cars for this Real World Dream Barn. People are getting greedy!
27th February 2013
Audi toy car and trailer

Rob writes: And now a trailer

Rob writes: And now a trailer - a helpful guide to buying and living with a trailer. Look out for side winds when reading this piece.
15th January 2013
Rob writes: Skoda Octavia update part three

Rob writes: Octavia update part three

11,000 miles in and despite brief thoughts to the contrary, Rob Griggs-Taylor is determined to stick with his Skoda Octavia.
26th October 2012
Rob’s Skoda Octavia Laurin & Klement on PetrolBlog

Rob writes: Weird Skience

Rob is back on PetrolBlog with an update on his Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDi Laurin & Klement
2nd July 2012
Rob Griggs-Taylor’s Nissan Primera

Rob writes: 100 days of Primera

Rob Griggs-Taylor has owned his Nissan Primera for four months. Time for an update then.
1st May 2012
Jaguar XKR-S poking out from bushes

Rob writes: Jaguar XK-ARRRRRRR

Rob Griggs-Taylor drives the Jaguar XKR-S Convertible. It's fair to say he rather enjoyed the experience.
13th March 2012
Nissan Primera badge

Rob writes: No animals were harmed

Resident guest blogger extraordinaire, Rob Griggs-Taylor has bought a new car. And where better than PetrolBlog to tell the world all about it.
5th February 2012
Ford Fiesta driving in the snow

So you want to drive in the snow?

A public service announcement from Rob Griggs-Taylor, who has some sensible advice for driving in snow.