11th September 2020
CarTunes by Peter Counsell

CarTunes: another mixtape by Peter Counsell

Peter Counsell is back with another three CarTunes, with songs linked to drives in a Ford Fiesta XR2, Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet and Audi A6 Avant.
16th June 2020
CarTunes by Peter Counsell

Introducing CarTunes: a mixtape by Peter Counsell

In a nod to Ken Bruce's ‘Tracks of My Years’ feature, PetrolBlog introduces CarTunes. Songs that take you back to a specific journey in a specific car.
19th May 2017
Peter picked a plodding Polo for parental purposes

Peter picked a plodding Polo for parental purposes

Shunning the lure of PetrolBloggyness and Bangernomics, Peter Counsell puts his faith in a Polo and presents us with a tongue-twisting headline.
10th May 2016
Mini Cooperesque

A Tale of Two Mini Cities

Peter Counsell, who once put dishwasher tablets in a washing machine, takes another trip down memory lane, this time at the wheel of a Mini Cooperesque.
30th June 2015
Ford Capri 280 nostalgia

Ford Capri 280: Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be

Nostalgia: Peter Counsell winds the clock back to spend some quality time with a Ford Capri 280 whilst retracing some of his old steps.
9th March 2015
Drive five classics in one day

Drive five classics in one day

Peter Counsell gets up at silly o'clock to spend a Saturday in the company of some old classics. Good man.
31st July 2013
Pointless Variable Message Signs

More Pointless Variable Message Signs

Peter Counsell adds his weight to the call for the end of Pointless Variable Message Signs in the UK. His argument is compelling to say the least.
2nd April 2013
Ford Capri Ghia

Regrets: Ford Capri – Architecture and Morality

Memories are made of this. Peter Counsell recounts a real tale of regret featuring his late father and an old Ford Capri Laser.
13th February 2013
Triumph Dolomite Sprint at Haynes International Motor Museum

Regrets: Triumph Dolomite 1850HL

A tale full of dreams, grim reality and ultimately regret from Peter Counsell. Here's the story of his Triumph Dolomite 1850HL.
12th December 2012
Fiat Uno 70SL

Peter Counsell’s Real World Dream Barn

It's the penultimate Real World Dream Barn of 2012 and comes courtesy of Peter Counsell. Mmm...Fiat Uno!