2nd July 2020
2020 Mercedes A-Class

New drivers – forget the A-Class and buy something cheap

According to Auto Trader, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is the best new car for new drivers. With a list price of £24,000, surely there's been some mistake?
25th June 2020
Nissan Pao

The Nissan Pao is keeping me awake at night

The Nissan Pao was one of the four Pike Factory cars produced by Nissan in the late 1980s and early 90s. PetrolBlog has seen one and now it wants one.
19th June 2020
PetrolBlog Save Our Scrap

Why PetrolBlog says it’s time to Save Our Scrap

The 2009 scrappage scheme had a devastating effect on the classic car industry. The Save Our Scrap (SOS) campaign is calling for a fairer scheme in 2020.
13th June 2020
Peugeot 205 scrappage car

The French cars killed by scrappage: Peugeot

In the third and final installment, PetrolBlog looks at the number of Peugeot cars killed as part of the UK government's scrappage scheme in 2009.
12th June 2020
Citroen scrappage victims

The French cars killed by scrappage: Citroën

There are rumours that the government will introduce a new scrappage scheme in 2020. With this in mind, here are the Citroën cars that were lost in 2009.
12th June 2020
Renault scrappage

The French cars killed by scrappage: Renault

Around 390,000 cars were victims of the 2009 UK scrappage scheme. Here, PetrolBlog reveals the Renault cars that were lost, including two Clio Williams.
10th June 2020
Renault 6 L for sale

This unrestored Renault 6 looks almost perfect

There's a Renault 6 L for sale on eBay. Key to its appeal is its original and unrestored condition. Wouldn't it be great if the new owner kept it this way?
3rd June 2020
Hyundai Genesis UK side view

The Hyundai Genesis now costs less than a new i10

Five years ago, our man drove a new Hyundai Genesis 3.8-litre V6. It cost a massive £48k. Today, the price has dropped to £14k. Still want that VW Phaeton?
28th May 2020
1994 Rover 220 GSi for sale

Ben is selling his 1994 Rover 220 GSi

Ben Hooper is selling his 1994 Rover 220 GSi. It comes with its original Rover dealer sticker and number plates, plus a Green Flag window sticker. Fancy.
22nd May 2020
K-reg Alfa Romeo 164 Cloverleaf

Hero for a day: Alfa Romeo 164 Cloverleaf

Our man remembers the time his father borrowed an Alfa Romeo 164 Cloverleaf for 24 hours. It's the stuff dreams are made of, but it wasn't to be.