18th February 2021
Renault 21 Turbo

Lost Bullet is a film about a Renault 21 Turbo

Lost Bullet is a Netflix film starring a Carmen Red Renault 21 Turbo. It's like a French Fast & Furious movie, but shorter. And better.
5th February 2021
2021 Lancia Ypsilon EcoChic

Your reminder that the Lancia Ypsilon is still alive

The Lancia Ypsilon has been facelifted again. It remains incredibly successful in Italy, where it outsells all except the Fiat Panda. Blimey.
4th February 2021
Renault 19 at the Cafe Real Madrid

10 of the best: the French cars of Conakry

Where are you going to go when the lockdown is over? PetrolBlog would like to suggest the Guinea capital Conakry. The French cars are superb.
3rd February 2021
End of the road for Toyota GT86 in the UK

PetrolBlog’s 2013 Toyota GT86 review, revisited

As the last Toyota GT86 is sold in the UK, PetrolBlog recalls the time it spent a glorious week in the company of this brilliant sports car.
2nd February 2021
Fiat Regata Energy Saving

Citymatic for the people: Fiat Regata ES

There's a beige Fiat Regata 70 ES Comfort for sale on Auto Trader. You can experience the marvel of the Citymatic system and econometer.
1st February 2021
Toyota Camry dual rear wipers

The Toyota Camry’s dual rear wipers were ‘of modest value’

MotorWeek claimed that the Toyota Camry's dual rear wipers were of modest value. Could the idea be due a comeback in the age of the SUV?
29th January 2021
History of Citroen ZX Big Read

History of the Citroën ZX: 30 years of understated brilliance

The Citroën ZX is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Here's why the family hatchback deserves to be remembered for its understated brilliance.
28th January 2021
Best corner on A360 Tilshead to Chitterne

Bend it like Mégane: Are These the Best Corners in Britain?

PetrolBlog stumbles across some promotional material for the Mk2 Renault Mégane. It begs the question: are these the best corners in Britain?
27th January 2021
Ford Sierra Swift special edition

Do you remember the Ford Sierra Swift special edition?

The Ford Sierra Swift was a Bristol Street Motors special edition of the 1980s. It came with brown stripes and a sunshine roof. Cool.
27th January 2021
BMW M5 CS Laserlight


The new BMW M5 CS is fast in a straight line, can go around corners and is quite expensive. More importantly, it has YELLOW LIGHTS.