21st January 2014
Rover 75 V8 on PetrolBlog

FailCar’s top ten modern classics with investment potential

FailCar is back to provide a list of FailSafe future classics worth ploughing your money into. PetrolBlog giving financial advice - what could go wrong?
10th June 2013
Car Salesman

FailCar on: getting flogged

He's back! In his first update of 2013, FailCar is having a moan about the torture of selling cars. Once you've read it, you may never want to sell a car ever again.
13th December 2012
PetrolBlog logo

FailCar rants: Journalism and PR – walk the line

FailCar rants on the blurred line between genuine motoring journalism and paid-for editorials. What do you think?
6th December 2012
FailCar's Christmas Ramblings

FailCar’s Christmas ramblings

It's as traditional as the Queen's speech and roast turkey - yes, it's the FailCar Christmas message.
15th October 2012
Clean Your Car

FailCar’s detailed guide to detailing

FailCar has bought a Skoda Fabia vRS, so what better way to introduce it by not introducing it at all. Here's a guide to detailing instead.
27th July 2012

FailCar’s Mazda MX-5

FailCar is perhaps best known on PetrolBlog for his delightful Peugeot 205 GTi. Well as regular readers may already know, he also has a rather tasty […]
13th April 2012
FailCar's films for petrolheads

FailCar’s top films for petrolheads

It's good to see FailCar back on PetrolBlog. Here, he's picking his favourite petrolhead movies. What would be your choice?
9th March 2012
FailCar lights

FailCar’s Geneva trip: Lights fantastic

FailCar has been to the Geneva Motor Show and has chosen his pick of the best light units on display. It's good stuff. What's your favourite unit of all time?
22nd December 2011
Christmas Snow Globe

FailCar is driving home for Christmas

And now, the Christmas message from FailCar. Bah humbug.
5th December 2011
The final word on Winter Tyres – PetrolBlog

FailCar on Winter Tyres

FailCar has bought some winter tyres, with his own money. Sounds like the arrival of winter couldn't come soon enough.