17th June 2015
Toyota Hilux on set of Top Gear

The last Top Gear…in the world

Darren Leslie waited six, maybe seven years to attend a filming of Top Gear. As it turned out, he was present at the last Top Gear...in the world.
13th February 2014
Audi 80 on frosty morning

The 80 is back: Darren’s Audi 80 returns

The 80 is back! The wait is over. Having waited patiently for months, Darren finally gets a chance to rekindle his love affair with his lovely Audi 80.
3rd December 2013
PetrolBlog's simple guide to winter tyres

Darren Leslie on winter tyres

Darren Leslie returns with some timely words on winter tyres and to wonder if things were different when he were a lad. Oh, and the Audi 80 is on the road!
30th September 2013
Real World Dream Shed: Fiat X1/9

Darren Leslie’s Real World Dream Shed

It's been a while since we've had a Real World Dream Barn or Real World Dream Shed on PetrolBlog. Thankfully Darren Leslie is on hand to change all that.
26th February 2013

Darren Leslie’s Real World Dream Barn

Darren Leslie's Real World Dream Barn is 30% British, 30% German, 30% Japanese and 10% French. Oh and 100% brilliant.
13th September 2012
Ford Ka on PetrolBlog

Darren’s going back to basics

Darren Leslie is growing increasingly angry with the level of equipment being added to base spec cars. Here are his thoughts.
10th May 2012
Three: Darren's Volkswagen Sharan

Three: Darren’s Volkswagen Sharan

Darren Leslie, owner of a lovely old Audi 80 has a practical family side too. Hence why he's just bought a VW Sharan.
25th November 2011
Audi 80

Darren’s Audi 80 1.8S: an update

Darren's been having a few issues with his Audi 80. Nobody said that running an old car was easy!
31st May 2011
Audi 80 1.8S

Real World Reviews: Audi 80 1.8S

The latest Real World Review sees Darren reviewing his glorious old Audi 80. A proper family affair.