21st January 2021
Citroen Visa Sextant

Chris Barker asks: What Gender is My Car?

The talented Mr Chris Barker pens his first PetrolBlog post of 2021 by addressing the subject of gender neutrality in the car world.
9th November 2020
Chris Barker CarTunes

CarTunes: a Mixtape by Chris Barker

Chris Barker is like a bus. You wait years for an article from the bearded writer, only for two to arrive in quick succession. Here are his CarTunes. Nice.
23rd October 2020
Volvo 850 SE and field

Volvo 850 SE: Gone But Not Forgotten

Chris Barker returns to the pages of PetrolBlog to pen a poignant farewell to his trusty Volvo 850 SE. An epic beard meets black steelies. Great combo.
23rd January 2014
Blue Nissan 100NX

Barker’s worst Japanese coupes: Nissan 100NX

Chris Barker doesn't think much about the Nissan 100NX. In fact, he rips the unsuspecting car to shreds. PetrolBlog tries to mount a case for its defence.
10th December 2013
Nissan 100NX

Barker’s 10 worst Japanese coupes: an introduction

Chris Barker returns to PetrolBlog to spout some waffle on the terror of Japanese coupes. Only PetrolBlog has a bit of a problem. We happen to like them...
19th February 2013

Drive By: Chris Barker on footballers’ cars

Do you know what I said to myself only the other week; it’s been a while since some egit of a footballer made a mess of a car...
29th January 2013
The first UK-built Vauxhall Astra

Chris Barker’s first car crush

Chris Barker is back with some words on his first car crush. This is PetrolBlog, so don't expect any Ferrari or Lamborghini action here.
22nd November 2012
vw golf colour concept salsa green

Regrets: Volkswagen Golf GTi Colour Concept

Chris Barker has penned a few words on his biggest automotive regret. It involves a green car. A Golf Colour Concept in Salsa Green to be precise.