15th August 2014
MK1 Honda Insight review on PetrolBlog

Going green: Mk1 Honda Insight review

Antony Ingram is a very lucky chap as he just happens to own a MK1 Honda Insight. And it all started with a tweet from PetrolBlog. Here's his review.
6th February 2014
Mercedes-Benz W202 C-Class

Antony Ingram: the car lover who detests buying cars

Anthony Ingram simply loves cars - he can't get enough of them. But like the rest of us, he often finds the act of buying cars can be a torturous affair.
7th January 2014
Car Confessional Smart Fortwo

Car Confessional: Smart Fortwo

PetrolBlog regular, Antony Ingram, is keen to get something off his chest. He has a fondness for the Smart Fortwo. Is he alone or do you share the love?
23rd December 2013
Real World Review Chevrolet Astro

Real World Review: Chevrolet Astro

Antony Ingram spent some time in America living with a Chevrolet Astro van. He found it to be a hateful machine, so therefore recommends that you rent one.
3rd December 2013
Real World Dream Shed: Mercedes-Benz 190

Antony Ingram’s Real World Dream Shed

PetrolBlog regular, Antony Ingram, is back with his very own Real World Dream Shed. Warning, this Shed may lead you into wallet-emptying temptation...
22nd November 2013
The Dacia Sudero? Alfasud

Sudero: why Dacia needs ‘to Alfasud’ the Sandero

Forever the voice of reason, Antony Ingram argues that Dacia is well placed to build a modern equivalent of the classic Alfasud. PetrolBlog calls it Sudero.
9th May 2013
Toyota Corolla AE86

Where is the budget rear-wheel drive saloon?

Antony Ingram is demanding the release of a budget rear-wheel drive saloon and reckons Dacia could be just the company to deliver it. Rear-wheel drive Sandero?