7th October 2020
CarTunes by Tony Gardner

CarTunes: a mixtape by Tony Gardner

What's this, a proper celebrity on PetrolBlog? Last Tango in Halifax actor Tony Gardner has been in touch with his CarTunes. Contains a purple Beach Buggy.
19th February 2020
Is car finance right for you

Advertorial: Is car finance right for you?

In this advertorial, Refused Car Finance cuts through the car buying choices to help you decide which finance option is right for you.
20th January 2020
Time to give the Alfa Romeo Arna a break

Is it time to give the Alfa Romeo Arna a break?

In an exclusive excerpt from his new book, Matteo Licata explains why the Alfa Romeo Arna was central to the company's planned return to profitability.
9th January 2020
Are part worn tyres a false economy

Advertorial: The false economy of part-worn tyres

In this advertorial piece written for PetrolBlog, Bridgestone outlines the dangers of part-worn tyres and why you should invest in decent rubber.
2nd January 2020
Mazda 323 Coupe review

Anonymous rarity: Mazda 323 Coupe

Reader Ben Day has written some words on his super-rare Mazda 323 Coupe. It features a PetrolBlog sticker, so it must be good.
19th December 2019
Ford Escort Mk3 Cabriolet

Advertorial: Keeping your Ford Escort on the road with Bridgestone Tyres

Advertorial: If you're after tyres for your Mk3 or Mk4 Ford Escort, Bridgestone Tyres offers a range of options designed to keep your classic on the road.
19th June 2019
Mk1 Renault Twingo in blue

David has bought a Mk1 Renault Twingo

You might know David as the man behind Lobster Diecast, but the crucial thing here is that he's just bought himself a Mk1 Renault Twingo. La joie!
3rd August 2018
Volvo 850 R

The Barn, according to Kenny Smith

Inspired by PETROLBLOG's choices for The Barn: Reloaded, the long-time friend of the show and good egg Kenny Smith puts pen to paper. Well, he wrote an email.
26th November 2012
bmw z1

Jeckythump’s PetrolBlog Real World Dream Barn

It's Jeckythump's turn to select ten cars for a Real World Dream Barn. This one is full of European flavour, with a hint of Japanese thrown in.
10th October 2011
Renault Avantime rear on PetrolBlog

Bucking the trend: the brilliant Renault Avantime

David Milloy remembers the Renault Avantime, a favourite of PetrolBlog. A car ahead of its time that failed to capture the public's imagination. Shame.