Vorsprung Durch Crisis: Audi Q5 Cross Cabriolet

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Audi is rumoured to be considering putting the Q5 Cross Cabriolet into production. PetrolBlog suggests that they reconsider.

There's only one thing I find more depressing than the current line-up of Audi models and that's the thought of what's to come in the future. I've already had my say about the forthcoming Q3, but this lunchtime I chanced upon the concept cars section of the Audi website

To be fair, I was pleasantly surprised to see the quattro concept from Paris 2010 and the original A1 project quattro concept from Tokyo 2007.

But then my heart sank as I noticed the Cross Cabriolet quattro concept. Now you may or may not remember that Audi 'teased' us with this concept in 2007. Well four years have passed since then and I for one had hoped that they'd forgotten about it. Perhaps it was just a sick joke or an attempt to find out just how far Audi can push the public before they finally say enough is enough? Or maybe the guys at Audi just came to their senses? So I Googled it to find out and you know what? There are fresh rumours that a Q5 Cross Cabriolet may make it into production.

Audi Cross Cabriolet concept on PetrolBlog

According to Autoblog, Audi is considering a limited run of 5,000 Q5 Cross Cabriolets. As normal, there will be a selection of engines to choose from as well as any number of spec and trim levels. And yes, there will undoubtedly be a huge selection of shouty and showy options with which to garnish your four-ringed steed. Oh, goody.

To think that just four years ago the concept appeared absurd. Seems there's simply no end to what people will buy. Do we really want a car that 'combines the genes of a dynamic soft-top convertible with the all round qualities of a fully-fledged SUV?' I mean really, do we? Really?

If you're not convinced, take a look at this image and tell me, does the driver look cool? No. Precisely.

Audi Q5 Cross Cabriolet concept on PetrolBlog

Audi, please pull back. Move away from the situation and leave quietly. Quit while you've still got your dignity. We'll love you more for it.

Thank you.

Picture courtesy of Autoblog.