Toyota's decision to reproduce old Supra parts is good news

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Toyota Gazoo Racing has launched the GR Heritage Parts Project, designed to reproduce A70 and A80 Supra parts for Japan, North America and Europe.

Toyota's decision to reproduce spare parts for the A70 and A80 Supra is a victory for common sense. Not to mention good news for the wider classic car community.

Sourcing genuine, good quality spare parts for even relatively recent cars is a constant struggle. I gave up phoning Citroën dealers years ago, as the silence and/or laughter that greeted my polite requests for obsolete parts was becoming tiresome.

The quote on the Toyota Gazoo Racing website is both heartwarming and wonderfully Japanese.

“Toyota Gazoo Racing is grateful to old school Toyota sports cars for laying the cornerstone of the modern-day GR line-up.” Isn't it great when a manufacturer recognises the importance of old cars?

It's becomingly increasingly difficult to enjoy old motors. The pressure on us to convert to a vehicle powered by the leftovers of a vegan breakfast comes amid an overwhelming sense that our beloved cars are living on borrowed time.

How long before our cars are taxed to a level beyond our means, banned from towns, cities and national parks, or surrounded by policies designed to make them look as welcome as Ricky Gervais as next year's Golden Globes bash.

Carry on Camry?

Toyota Supra spare parts project

The fact that Toyota is reproducing prop shafts, door handles, fuel sender gauges, headlights weatherstrips and front badges for the Supra isn't going to deliver a tectonic shift in favour of old cars, but it's a start. If the will is there, other manufacturers could – and should – follow suit.

There's a demand for old parts, and many owners will be willing to dig deep in order to keep an old car on the road using genuine and good quality parts.

Sadly, climate change notwithstanding, hell will freeze over before Toyota Gazoo Racing begins making new parts for my 1997 Toyota Camry. Which is a shame, because the dreaded MOT is looming into a view next week and I will almost certainly need a few new parts.

Looking through the service history, I've noticed a couple of lines of text about parts no longer available from Toyota. Oh...

If it passes, I'm tempted to book her into next month's Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy at Silverstone. I can't think of a better way of celebrating a (hopeful) MOT pass and Toyota's commitment to reproducing old Supra parts.

Keep up the good work, Toyota. Now if you could just whip up a driveshaft for my Camry before Monday, that would be great. Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita.

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