Top Eight Tips For Lowering Motorcycle Insurance

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Sponsored post: Top Eight Tips For Lowering Motorcycle Insurance

Car and bike insurance costs can add up quickly for motorists. Luckily, there are many low-cost ways to reduce the monthly insurance bill including purchasing from Express Insurance. From comparing companies to riding solo, these methods are proven to lower the price of bike insurance.

Get Training

Insurance companies charge higher fees for motorists who are likely to be in an accident. To lower costs, the best way is to reduce the likelihood of being in a collision. The easiest method to do this is to get advanced training. From advanced motorcycle police training to the enhanced rider scheme, these training programs can lower premiums by up to 20%.

Shop Around

Nobody buys the first motorcycle they see and their coverage should be the same. Looking at the quotes offered by different companies can help riders lower the cost of insurance. If the bike is currently insured, using the comparison costs to haggle with the current insurer can help to lower fees.

Ride Alone

Motorcycles are intended to be ridden alone. If there is never another rider on the bike, motorists should tell their insurance company. The insurer can reduce the premium when the bike is only ridden by one person. Once this insurance is adopted, motorists have to wary and not take passengers.

Lower Mileage

If the bike is ridden on just weekends, it can get lower insurance rates. By capping the mileage annually, motorcyclists can reduce the costs of insurance. They can also lower insurance costs by paying for their insurance in a lump-sum instead of a monthly payment. Insurers charge more for monthly plans and this can drastically increase the cost of bike insurance.

Buy Only what is necessary

Motorists should only buy the insurance that is necessary for them. If they drive less miles or drive solo, their insurance needs are changed. Considerations like where the bike is stored or the cost of the bike should be taken into consideration. If the bike is only worth a thousand pounds, it may not be necessary to insure the bike itself in a collision. By switching to the appropriate plan, motorists can save up to 40%.


Sports Bikes

Anyone who owns a sports bike is going to pay more for insurance. These faster bikes may be able to handle better, but they are more likely to be driven by a risky rider. This increases the cost of insurance and decreases the effectiveness of money-saving options like riding solo.

Claim-Free Bonus

If the bike is ridden for a year without a crash or claim, it can lead to up to 40 percent in savings. For motorists who have a minor scrape or accident, claiming it on their insurance may not be worthwhile. One year without a claim can help build cheaper car insurance for a lifetime.

Technology and Safety

In a car, features like air bags can help reduce insurance costs. They provide protection for the driver and lower the chances of high-cost medical builds. On a bike, new technology like a Thatcham-approved alarm can help to lower the premium. Other items like ground anchors and locks can also help.

The cost of bike insurance is never clear-cut. Different technologies, riding styles and bikes carry different insurance rates. For the best rate, drivers should always shop around between insurers.

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