The Weekend Supplement: June 1st 2013

Major Waffle Volvo
Pinch and a punch, first day of the month. It's the PetrolBlog Weekend Supplement, featuring Goodwood, a tip-top Veyron replica, a look back at 1983, a Le Car and a Volvo 240.

Pinch and a punch, first day of the month. Punch and a kick for being so quick. It's a surprise such a phrase can be still be muttered in this health and safety and politically correct world we live in. I wouldn't be at all surprised if a risk assessment wasn't required before the words left your mouth. Plus a warning that you're about to unleash terror on your poor, unfortunate victim.

Anyway - happy first day of the month and welcome to the fourth edition of PetrolBlog's Weekend Supplement. Amazingly, this is still going. This week sees some waffle on a new class-based parking system at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a nostalgic look back at the first edition of Now That's What I Call Music, a ‘classic' advertisement from the archives and what must be one of the most beautiful Volvo 240s in existence.

Goodwood Festival of Speed: No kit-cars or replicas please

Regular readers of PetrolBlog will know that we like nothing more than spending the entire Goodwood Festival of Speed weekend skulking around the vistors' car park. Away from the crowds and expensive burger vans, it remains one of the best ways to pass the time. We call it the Festival of Parking.

Well the good people of Goodwood have clearly cottoned on this idea as they're introducing a car park situated within the main event. Boo, hiss, etc, etc.

Goodwood Supercar Park

But it's not for PetrolBlog. In fact, it's a real case of ‘if your name's not down, you're not coming in’. Or, more to the point - ‘if your car's not down, you're not coming in’. A select list of supercars has been prepared by Goodwood's “panel of experts”, so don't even think of rocking up at the gate if your car's not listed. Being turned away is bound to cause embarrassment.

I specifically like the way the Audi R8 has been listed, but has been joined by a “not TT” note. In other words, don't go thinking you can pass your TT off as a baby Audi R8. Owners of the Aston Martin Cygnet are also in for a shock, as are those who are fortunate enough to own a DB7.

Sadly, Goodwood has stated that “no kit-cars or replicas” will be allowed in. Though that doesn't stop us wanting to try our luck. So we need some wheels. How about one of these unlikely heroes?

This Bugatti Veyron ‘replica’ will surely fool the car park wardens? I've looked at this photo for hours and I honestly can't see any differences between it and the real thing. If anything, I'd imagine the bosses at Bugatti will be kicking themselves for not perfecting the Veyron to such a high standard.

Nissan Micra-based Bugatti Veyron replica

What's not to like about a car which is a “miser on juice” and “a reel head turner”?

Besides, it's probably the only Bugatti Veyron ever to be advertised with the potential for a swap involving a Toyota Starlet or Glanza. Hat tip to CJ Hubbard for finding this gem.

Not convinced by the Veyron, well perhaps sir would prefer a TR7-based Ferrari F40 replica for sale on eBay? The seller clearly has a sense of humour (good on him) and there's absolutely no way it won't be allowed into the Supercar Park at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Plus you'll be the ‘lucky’ thirteenth owner of this yellow machine.

Triumph TR40 Ferrari F40 replica

Still not happy? Well there's always the ‘baby’ wooden Aston Martin Lagonda or the opportunity to turn your Ford Capri into a Ferrari Testarossa.

Don't ever say that PetrolBlog doesn't give you anything - this is real public service stuff. See you at the Goodwood gate. And then the Little Chef car park, ten minutes later...

Now That's What I Call 1983

Is it really 30 years since the first Now That's What I Call Music compilation was released? How old does that make you feel? And don't go feeling all smug if you weren't born in 1983. Just think, you missed out on the delights of Kajagoogoo, Rock Steady Crew and Will Powers. Actually, you're entitled to feel smug.

But looking back to November 1983, just what was going on in the car world? Car of the Year was the magnificent Audi 100. It's a testament to how well these things were built that all survivors give the distinct impression they will happily provide another 30 years of good service. If only so many owners weren't too quick to scrap them when the first hefty service bill loomed into view.

Audi 100 Avant

The Ford Sierra was a very close second, with the Volvo 760 picking up the bronze medal.

Earlier in the year, we were not only encouraged to Clunk Click, Every Trip, it also became the law to wear seat belts in the front. It had taken a full eight years for the law to be passed.

We also waved goodbye to the old suffix style number plates, welcoming in a new prefix system. So it was farewell Y and hello A.

We also said hello to the Fiat Uno, the Honda CRX, the Hyundai Stellar, the Lada Riva, the Land Rover 110, the MG Maestro and the Renault 11. And if that little list doesn't make you feel old, nothing will.

National Lampoon's Renault 11 Le Car

If you haven't watched the video at the top of the page yet, you're in for a real treat. It dates back to 1980 and features a very French car being described by a very American chap. Listen out for references to the ‘Renoh’ Le Car. 

Renault Le Car

The ad carries all the charm of a National Lampoon Does The Dukes of Hazzard short film, complete with Bo and Luke style music. The couple appear to be in an unnatural hurry to get to the market, leading to an unfortunate Chevy Chase-style incident involving a hay bale and a basket of eggs.

Also look out for what appears to be a terrific amount of understeer for such a low speed manoeuvre right at the end.

Weekend Want: Volvo 240 GL

Good lord - just how clean does this Volvo 240 GL look?

Volvo 240 GL for sale on eBay

It was first registered to Volvo in 1991 before being sold to its first private owner a few months later. This lady kept the Volvo for 20 years, during which time she maintained the service schedule, mostly at the supplying dealer.

In 2011 it was sold to a Volvo enthusiast who cherished it in much the same way as the previous elderly owner and today it's presented in a manner that must make it one of the best in the country.

I can't see why you'd fork out upwards of £30,000 for a new Volvo when this one looks so good. Be very interesting to see how much it fetches.

Check out the Volvo 240 for sale on eBay here.

That's all folks. God willing, see you at the same time next week. Enjoy your prunes and kippers.

Photos © Goodwood, DoneDeal, eBay, Audi and Thesupermat.