The Rancho's back - courtesy of David Milloy

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Duncan McVitie puts together a short video for PetrolBlog, demonstrating the brilliance of the (Talbot) Simca-Matra Rancho. Excellent.

One of the first cars to feature on PetrolBlog was the delightful Talbot Matra Rancho. You can see the update from March 2010 here.

But now, perennial French car fan, Duncan McVitie has put together this short video to show the Rancho in all its glory. Look out for a daring motorway exit, some aerial acrobatics and a trip through the jungle. Sadly, there's no appearance this time from Rancho fan, Johnny Mathis.

Thanks to Mr Milloy for the video that's full of French goodness. I now need to decide if I want a Rancho more than an Avantime. Decisions, decisions...