The Pentillie hill in a Saab 9000i

Major Waffle 90s cars Saab

The Pentillie Festival of Speed is just 12 weeks away. Come the end of August, the Tamar Valley will be alive with the sound of hillclimb cars rising up from the quay, through the woods and past Pentillie Castle. It promises to be quite a spectacle.

I was there yesterday and couldn't resist taking a quick, or should that be slow, run up the hill. The only problem was that I was in my Saab 9000i, not exactly what you'd class as typical hillclimb transport. But I did have a GoPro, so I was able to capture the thrilling high speed action.

Who am I trying to kid, this is probably the slowest hillclimb ever recorded. Heck, it was even halted by a fledgling chick taking its first flying lessons.

Still, it does provide a good impression of the climb and what's to come in August.

The Pentillie Festival of Speed takes place on the 25th and 26th August 2012. For more information, visit