The Fuego rises from the flames

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The number of Renault Fuego Turbos on the road has increased from three to six during the last quarter. This is rather good news.

Back in April 2010, I asked the question, What ever happened to the Renault Fuego? I knew they were endangered, but I had no idea they were on the verge on extinction. But now, thanks to the ever-brilliant How Many Left? website, I know that, aside from the GTS model, the number of different Fuegos left on British roads doesn't even make double figures. Situation critical for the Fuego then?

You may remember during the last series of Top Gear, that when the How Many Left? website got a mention, they used the Fuego Turbo as a point of interest. It was claimed that there were only three left on the roads and looking at the website now, they were indeed right. But there is some good news. Seemingly stirred into action by a mention on prime time television, some Fuego Turbo owners have set about bringing some of the unlicensed cars back to life. According to the website, there are now six Fuego Turbos on the road. Excellent. So perhaps modern Top Gear does have a use after all?

Of course, I'll take this back if I discover that the three 'new' Fuegos have been bought for the next season of Top Gear and will be treated to a ritual burning in the name of entertainment.

But despite the Fuego Turbo rising like a phoenix from the flames, it still remains on the critical list. Which makes this example I found in the classifieds a rather attractive proposition. Just look at those yellow fog lights. Marvel at the brilliant '80s red paintwork. Wonder at the fact that there's absolutely nothing else like this on the road and probably never will be either.

Sadly it lacks the TURBO side decals, but I understand that a set of reproduction stickers will be sold with the car. These should be applied within hours of purchasing the car as it's widely accepted that they add an extra 20bhp to the original 132.*

For sure, it needs some work on the bottom of the doors, but it does have an MOT until May 2012. It's also infinitely cooler than the vast majority of cars available for less than £2k and this is the only 1985 Fuego Turbo on the road.

1985 Renault Fuego Turbo for sale

1985 Renault Fuego Turbo only six left in 2011

1985 Renault Fuego Turbo in red

1985 Renault Fuego Turbo interior

All it needs now is a new owner who fancies entering 'The Turbo Zone'. Go on, you know you want to. The ad can be viewed here on Car & Classic. At the time of writing this post, it is also for sale on eBay.

*this may not be entirely true.