The Cars Of...Roscoff and Morlaix

Major Waffle
The Cars Of... - a new feature in which PetrolBlog documents its travels around the world (well, Europe), by snapping pics of a PetrolBlog nature.

Right... so yeah, um... this is something new. But don't get too excited because it's hardly revolutionary. It certainly won't break the internet. For a start we don't know how to balance a champagne glass on our bottom.

The thing is, PetrolBlog spends an awful lot of time visiting new towns and cities. Far flung corners of the world, such as Bridlington and Chester-Le-Street.* And while we're in these new and exciting places, we shun the temptation to look at old cathedrals, castle ruins and harbours, complete with fishing boats bobbing up and down on the tide. Instead, we find ourselves taking hasty snaps of the super-exciting cars found lurking on street corners.

To anyone who has ever travelled in the company of PB, we apologise.

But surely this presents an opportunity? Rather than keep these photos hidden away on a hard drive at PBHQ, shouldn't they be released to the world? That's a rhetorical question, so please don't answer it. We're easily offended.

If nothing else, it will enable us to assess the PetrolBloggyness of every country, county, district, province, town, city or village in the world. One day, tourists will consult the PB travel agency for advice before travelling. Mr Simon Calder, your days are numbered. Probably. Not.

No further waffle is required, so we'll start with a location surprisingly close to PBHQ, certainly in terms of driving time. Take the Brittany Ferries crossing from Plymouth to Roscoff and we're only on the road for about 45 minutes before we hit the shores of France. Why it has taken us so long to take this brilliant route to the continent is anyone's guess.

An overnight crossing to France and wake up in the morning fresh and ready to take in the delights of Northern France. Sure, the Eurotunnel is quicker, but there's more nostalgia associated with a cross-Channel ferry. There's a greater sense of occasion. More anticipation and romance. Or maybe it's just us.

So we kick things off with a recent whistle-stop tour to Brittany. Thanks to Brittany Ferries, we managed to spend a day in Roscoff and Morlaix, eating crepes and drinking French coffee. It was all rather pleasant.

Madames et Monsieurs, we present The Cars of...Roscoff and Morlaix. If all goes to plan, there should be a shiny gallery at the top.

*For transparency reasons, we declare that we haven't been to either of these places.

This gallery will be updated with more photos should we visit Brittany again. This is highly likely as the value of the Euro makes buying a tatty MK1 Renault Twingo a realistic prospect.