Survey reveals the motoring names you're getting wrong

Major Waffle
A survey conducted by Dumbstreet and Bradbeers has revealed the seven motoring names people are most likely to misspell.

Research carried out by leading law firm Dumbstreet and Bradbeers has revealed the motoring names people are most likely to spell incorrectly.

The survey - conducted with the help of the Association of Rightful Spelling, England (ARSE) - lists the seven deadly sins, which range from a former Top Gear presenter to two of the UK's most historic racing circuits. But it's the number of people who can't even spell the name of their own cars that really caught the eye.

Top of the list is Alfa Romeo, which is often seen written as Alpha Romeo, an obvious reference to the phonetic alphabet. Dumbstreet and Bradbeers contacted one gentleman who was having no luck selling his Alfa Romeo 156 diesel, largely because he had listed it as an 'Alpha Romeo' on a popular auction site.

Other misspelt car names include Diahatsu rather than the correct Daihatsu and Citreön and not Citroën. Sellers on eBay are being warned that they're potentially missing out on the joys of being offered "a tidy 3 Series, innit" as a "strate swop" or countless questions asking "have you got a buy-it-now price, m8?"

Meanwhile, there's bad news for TV's Quentin Willson, with the survey revealing his surname is misspelt at least 376 times a day. The alarming statistic has led to Dumbstreet and Bradbeers advising Quentin to apply for EU protective status on the second L in his surname, giving him permission to put the frighteners up any wrongdoers.

A thorough trawl of some of the UK's most popular online forums also suggests our racing tracks are not immune from the misspellings. Indeed, the owners of Castle Combe and Donington Park are being told they should consider "going with the majority", renaming the circuits Castle Coombe and Donnington Park respectively.

The seventh name and final name is Sangyon. Er, we mean Sanyong. No, sorry, it's Ssangyon. Oh never mind, we give up on that one.