Somerset town renamed Frome's Jenson Button

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Following years of being referred to as Frome's Jenson Button in the press, the Somerset town - 13 miles south of Bath - is to change its name.

Life just gets better and better for F1 driver, Jenson Button. Following the announcement that he's the third richest sports star in the world comes news that the town of his birth is to change its name in his honour.

Frome, perhaps most famous for being a town 13 miles south of Bath, was also the birthplace of the current McLaren driver. For years, local newspapers and regional TV news programmes have desperately tried to hold on to the former Somerset resident by referring to him as 'Frome's Jenson Button'.

Indeed, only last week, the Bath Chronicle used that very name to deliver news of Button's place in the Sunday Times Rich List.

And now, the town's councillors have pressed forward with plans to rename the town, a decision that is sure to please local reporters and tourism officials. The signs welcoming people to Frome have already been changed and the station has erected a temporary banner.

Frome's Jenson Button Station

Ed Tumby-Woodside, chairman of FIG (Frome is Great), said:

"It's about time, too. We have been putting pressure on the council for years and we're delighted with the news. It's five years since Jenson was awarded the freedom of the town and we've already seen a street and bridge named after him. This just tops the lot.

"We look forward to welcoming visitors from around the world to Frome's Jenson Button."

But not everyone has greeted the news with such relish. Lottie Fulsby, social media manager for Fans of Friel (FAF), a club devoted to Anna Friel, who was also born in the town, tweeted:

"LOL. Is this 4real? Wot about Anna? Surely her role in Brookside tops the achievement of some bloke in a car? #fromefriel"

Frome's Jenson Button

Jenson himself was unavailable for comment, but in a statement he wanted to draw our attention to Santander's straightforward current account that allows you to earn cashback and interest for just £2 a month. We're not quite sure how this relates to Frome, but we'll print anything.

In other news, Stevenage town councillors have ruled out a name change, claiming 'Stevenage's Lewis Hamilton' just doesn't sound right.

Jenson Button photo courtesy of Newspress