Shednesday: Mid-life crisis coupés

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Ben Carter is on the verge of a mid-life crisis. He's been looking at coupes, but only because he knows that he doesn't want one. Or does he?

Merry Shednesday. I have a confession: I don’t really get the point of coupés or three-door cars, especially when they purport to have more than two seats. This undoubtedly has some of you spitting out your tea and shaking your fists in outrage.

Allow me to explain. It all started when, as a teenager, I was regularly forced to clamber over front seats to enter or leave friends/family cars. When I did manage to squeeze into the rear ‘seating area’ (shelf), it was agony. It’s worth noting I was by no means ‘big boned’. If I could have done a Kryten and deconstructed my body into separate parts, then maybe I wouldn’t have developed this dislike.

Red Dwarf spareheads

The problem is I turn 40 next year, which means I am due a mid-life crisis car. My Dad had such a car when I was younger. All I, or my Dad, can remember was that it was a red Mazda coupé and it had a spoiler. Internet research would suggest it was likely a first-generation MX-6.

Coupés de grâce

So coupé prejudices aside, what would be a Shednesday suitable mid-life crisis car? I was going to propose a £650 red 1994 Hyundai S Coupé (or Scoupé), but it has sold (there is still one for sale for £2250 if you're keen). So instead, how about:

Hyundai Accent Coupe

For those of you who fancy something sportier and more shouty, there are always these:

  • A 1994 Mazda MX-6 for £1590. It has an MOT and can be delivered nationwide.
  • A 1997 Alfa Romeo GTV for £1000. It's in Loughborough and needs an MOT and various other work.
  • An unknown kit car, with Alfa seats and Ferrari style looks. It's in Leeds and an auction so may not be Shednesday cheap.

What would I buy for my own mid-life crisis car? If it has to be cheap, red and shouty I would add some doors and consider this. More likely though, I would save my pennies and buy a Laguna GT coupé.

Now over to he with the very long surname, to re-assure you that coupés are really okay, and that this is all just the rantings of a mad man not officially affiliated with PetrolBlog!

What does PetrolBlog think?

Citroen Xsara VTS baby poo yellow

Do you really expect me to pass comment having spent the past five minutes marvelling at that exact replica of a Ferrari F40? I don't think I'm qualified to provide any reassurances about coupés, given the fact that my favourite ‘coupé’ is little more than a three-door hatchback version of the Citroën Xsara.

I should point out that you have, once again, failed to find a Proton Coupé, which as we know is the ‘Sao Penza’ of the coupé world. The forbidden fruit. The Holy Grail.

Is a coupé the best of both worlds or a compromise too far? Not as focused as a sports car; not as practical as a hatchback. All I know is, I now seriously want to own a Hyundai Accent Coupé. With yellow fog lights.

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