The Scalextric Jaguar XJ-S from the 1986 James Hardie looks great, mate

80s cars

Scalextric has announced its new product range for spring 2024, which includes everything from a Batmobile to a New York City Checker taxi. There's also a Puma race set, although don't get too excited, because it's the modern WRC car and not the original coupé. Shame.

But if there's one car that stands out, it's the Jaguar XJ-S from the 1986 James Hardie 1000 endurance race. It's the most Petrolbloggy car of the new releases, so it deserves a... ahem, slot on this here blog. Marvellous, isn't it?

Without the backing of Jaguar Rover Australia (JRA), drivers John Goss and Bob Muir were unable to the repeat the Jag's success at the 1985 race, with electrical problems (who'd have thought it?) leading to an eventual 24th place finish after 140 laps. A year earlier, Goss and Armin Hahne took the win, with the Brits Tom Walkinshaw and Win Percy finishing third.

Some will argue that the green and white colours of the JRA cars is more iconic, but the Citibank livery just works, which is a tough thing to say in the context of an XJ-S.

The Scalextric Jaguar XJ-S will launch in the spring with a recommended retail price of £49.99. You can pre-order your car here.

Obviously, the Jag will need a racing partner, so allow Petrolblog to recommend the Mk1 Golf GTI, available as a Scalextric car for the first time. A V12 big cat versus a hot hatch upstart puts Pb in mind of many hours spent enjoying the Scalextric Rallye International set, which contained an Audi Quattro and Metro 6R4. For some reason, the Metro was always mightier than the German.

Click here to view the new range, which, alas, doesn't include a Renault Safrane or Peugeot 406 Coupé. Sort it out, Scalextric!