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Rob Griggs-Taylor has put together a list of ten cars that would be in his Real World Dream Barn. Of course, the list could change tomorrow!

Last month, following a confession about supercars, I posted the contents of my Real World Dream Barn. It sparked a bit of interest, with other fine petrolheads offering their own list of ten cars. Now, Rob Griggs-Taylor offers his own list of ten cars and in doing so has penned his second article for PetrolBlog. You can read his earlier contribution here. In the meantime, check out his list. There are some real crackers in here.

Over to you Rob...

Like the esteemed editor of PetrolBlog I'm not particularly taken with Supercars. I do enjoy the fact that they exist - they represent identifiable styling and clear objectives in design. However I feel the same way about the Nissan Juke or the original VW Beetle and I don't want one of them either.

A few salient points that might help understand my choices:

(a) I'm assuming that the Major is giving out petrol account cards so I'm not going to be unduly worrying about fuel consumption figures.

(b) I prefer an element of practicality in my cars.

(c) I'd be unlikely to choose two vehicles that fulfil the same functionality.

(d) I'm happily working to the 'no more than £30k each' rule.

(e) My barn will contain some vehicles that are this week favourites. If you're a petrol head too you'll understand that if I write this again next week it's unlikely that all of these particular cars will figure. I have tried to indicate where a car is a long-standing prospect.

So what would be in my PetrolBlog Top Ten Dream Barn? Well read on and find out...

1. Ford Capri 2.8 injection Special

This one is a keeper! When I was in my early teens a couple of older friends had Capris and I attribute to them (especially Alan) my love of travelling sideways. The Mark 3 has always been my favourite shape and although the market suggests that rarer models like the Tickford Turbo and last-of-the-line 280i are more desirable, I'd happily snap up a nice Injection Special. Why? Because it has the all-important V6 engine for the noise and power, and the Special also benefits from a limited slip differential for easy sideways motion. In my dream barn it would be in the rare two-tone Forest Green/Calypso Green colour scheme too.

2. Range Rover

Range Rover on PetrolBlog

Another keeper. One of my earliest car-related memories is of settling into the giant vinyl seat of an early Range Rover and I'd love one the same. The one I remember was in a sandy beige colour and was the early 3-door model so that's what I'd choose.

3. Caterham 7 Roadsport 1.6 SV

My 'Dawn Raid' car. I was lucky enough to spend a morning driving a Caterham at Silverstone and it was this model. I thought it would be dull, only having a 1.6 Rover engine, but it was a complete blast. The best fun I've ever had in a car park dotted with plastic traffic cones.

4. Audi S4 Convertible

Audi S4 Cabriolet

For sunny days when the family have to come too. Why this over the many four-seat soft tops on the market? Purely for the epic noise that the 4.2 litre V8 makes.

5. Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000 flat-front. The full rally version.

The discerning PetrolBlog reader knows that there's only so much fun you can have on public roads, so you're going to want a track day car. In the current British Touring Car Championship the front wheel drive cars pretty much have it their own way, with the few rear wheel drive cars rarely managing to grab a podium, but I like going sideways and I'm unlikely to be in a situation where the lap time of my track day weapon would be measured. I love rally cars so I'd choose a classic Mark 2 Escort rally car in the Rothmans colour scheme.

6. Rover SD1 3500

In 1976 my Dad had a Rover 3500S P6 in white with a black vinyl roof, wolfrace slot mag wheels and a small moto-lita steering wheel. His cousin, having had a few P6s updated his car to a white SD1 3500. The first time I went in it I was completely smitten! It was the coolest looking executive car around, sounded awesome with the V8 engine and even had electric windows. I was even taken by the squared-off steering wheel. So, in my top 10 there's going to be an SD1. I'd happily accept an early 3500, a V8S, Vanden Plas EFi or a Vitesse. They can be automatic or manual and I don't care what colour. Yes, even the almost luminescent metallic green. As long as it's a V8.

This one's a keeper in principle but I reserve the right to switch models from time to time!

7. Ferrari F355 Berlinetta

Ferrari F355 Berlinetta on PetrolBlog

I'd like a daily drive that's arguably not as special (at least to me) as the ones above. It needs to be comfortable, reasonably quick, have ample space for five people and feel special. So I'd choose a Ferrari F355. In red.

Well, come on. It's a Ferrari that looks nice and drives beautifully, and prices have reached a whisker under our notional £30k too.

8. Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Estate

Mercedes E63 AMG Estate

You need to have a car that allows you and family, friends or colleagues to arrive at a destination in style. Something that cossets, has style and presence, but because I really do like to hustle along some roads I'm choosing one of these. I'm a sucker for a q-car, and one of these with some slight badging changes, would be the ideal car. 514BHP, 0-60 in under five and space for the dog in the back. It doesn't get much better than that.

9. Ford Cargo 0813

Designed by Patrick Le Quement of Renault fame and built in Britain. My grandad had a series of these over the years for his business and I'd love one too. I've driven a few lorries over the years including a 40 tonne articulated job with a curtain side trailer and I've always found it immense fun. I also like to be a helpful chap from time to time, so helping the Major recover his Lancia Thema or Alfa SZ would be easy peasy with a recovery version of the 7.5 tonne Ford Cargo.

10. Triumph Speed Triple

Triumph Speed Triple

Ummm. I may have slightly twisted the brief for this final entry. You see I'm a motorcyclist as well as being a keen driver so I'd definitely have to have a powered bicycle somewhere in the barn. And after much thought I'd go for this one. It has the least cylinders, the smallest engine and the best fuel consumption figures of anything on this list, but it's the one I'd be most likely to use every day. In the summer. When it's not raining.

Ferrari image courtesy of Ed Callow (@Torquespeak), other images courtesy of the manufacturer.