This Renault 25 V6 is the gold standard of Olympic specials

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Petrolblog doesn't do garden parties. It's not pretty enough, is rubbish at making small talk, and there isn't anything suitable to wear in the wardrobe. No, if Petrolblog were to appear at a garden party, it would be in the role of parking valet.

That said, it's prepared to make an exception for Artcurial's Garden Party In Saint-Tropez, where a rather special Renault 25 V6 will go under the hammer. Indeed, you could say that it's the gold standard of Renault 25s. It runs rings around other Renault 25s. Give it the top spot on the podium. Other references to the Olympics are available.

As well as lending 1,500 cars to the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (OCOG), Renault launched a series of special edition cars to mark its sponsorship of the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville. There were seven all-white specials – Clio 1.7 RT, 19 TXI, 21 TXI, 25 TXI, Espace V6 RXE, Alpine A610 and Jeep Cherokee 4.0 – each one boasting grey leather seats, CD player and an ‘Albertville 92’ badge on the back. Mind you, only two A610 Olympic specials were built.

This 25 V6 isn't one of the specials sold to the public. Instead, Renault presented it to Jean-Claude Killy, the president of the OCOG for Albertville 92. Some guys get all the luck.

As well as the period decals and official stickers, the 25 V6 comes with the original France Télécom telecommunications equipment, a CB radio, extra aerials and a set of tyre chains. Well, it was the Winter Olympics.

The 2.8-litre V6 engine has covered just 30,170km and was recently treated to a full service. Artcurial says: “An overhaul has been carried out, with fluids drained and topped up, filters and spark plugs replaced and the fuel tank cleaned, however, a service check and replacement of the vintage tyres will be required before getting back on the road.” Michelin tyres, of course.

Artcurial has also confirmed that the voice alert system is operating correctly.

Even the ‘1 JO 73’ registration number is of note, with JO standing for ‘Jeux OIympiques’ (Olympic Games), the local authority having opened the ‘XXX JO 73’ system especially for the event. It's more appealing than a ‘BO55’ plate.

Artcurial reckons the Olympic special will fetch €10,000 to €20,000 (£8,500 to £17,000), which doesn't seem like a lot for a vanishingly rare Renault 25 V6 with sporting provenance. It'll go under the hammer in Saint-Tropez on the evening of Saturday 29 June 2024, so you know what to do if you fancy a slice of Olympic history.

And in case you were wondering, the Jeep Cherokee was included in the all-white extravaganza as it was still being distributed by Renault in France following the French firm's investment in the American Motor Company (AMC), even though the companies had gone their separate ways in 1987.

Photos © Artcurial.