Can you make my Proton Impian dreams come true?

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PetrolBlog is in the market for a Proton Impian. If you hear of one that's in need of a good home, please get in touch at the usual address.

What have you done with all the Proton Impians? Granted, it was never a big seller in the UK, but it was always relatively easy to find a used one for sale.

Not today. There are none on Auto Trader. The Gumtree cupboards are bare. My eBay saved search tool is gathering dust. And there's as much hope of finding one on Car & Classic as spotting a well-dressed person in Argos.

Only Facebook Marketplace offers a glimmer of hope. A dealer is chancing his arm by asking £2200 for a 1.6 X, while a £750 1.6 GSX shows promise, until you spot the mismatched body panels on the nearside. It might warrant a closer look, but I'm holding out for a 2007 or 2008 GSX with a manual gearbox.

Picky? Just a little.

The thing is, I really want a Proton Impian. I've wanted one ever since I manoeuvred a factory-fresh example in the car park of Beaulieu Motor Museum. Don't ask...

I fancy grabbing one before the remaining examples have spiralled into the abyss. What better way to celebrate 20 years of the Proton Impian than by purchasing one for the fleet? If nothing else, it will take my mind off the continued struggles to get the Peugeot 406 Coupé on the road.

Keep ‘em peeled

2001 Proton Impian rear

I've managed to crowbar the Impian into the second issue of Classic.Retro.Modern. magazine. You'll find it sandwiched between articles on the Pontiac Kammback and Jaguar Mk2. It's an electric mix.

I conclude the piece by saying: ‘I've promised (threatened?) to buy an Impian to mark its 20th anniversary. So far, my eBay saved search (yes, really) has failed to deliver the goods. If you're selling a gold GSX with the optional boot spoiler, I'll be at your door faster than the first-year depreciation on a misunderstood Malaysian saloon.’

This is a call to arms. Can you help make PetrolBlog's dreams come true? Keep your eyes peeled for a good, honest Proton Impian. PetrolBlog will give it a good home and promise to make rubbish videos about the Lotus handling and wood-trimmed steering wheel.

There's a box of Hobnobs and my internal gratitude if you find the right one. Thank you. Waja and out.

Images © Magic Car Pics.

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