Ponton physics - my encounter with an old Merc

Major Waffle Mercedes-Benz

My invitation to the launch of the new Range Rover Evoque sadly never arrived. I'm putting it down to the poor postal service on the moors. So instead, I made my way back from the office in frankly appalling weather conditions. The little Box of Frogs has an equally small air conditioning unit which failed to clear the mist from the windows so all in all it was a trifle tedious journey. My spirits were lifted when I caught sight of what I immediately recongised as a Mercedes, probably dating back from the 1950s. Unfortunately, my knowledge of cars dating back before the Swinging Sixties begins to get a little hazy, so this was all I could decipher through the torrential rain.

Anyone who has the misfortune of following my tripe on Twitter will know that I have been known to follow cars that appeal to me. A recent diversion involved following an original MKI Scirocco in the lame hope that it might be for sale. But as this Mercedes pulled into Morrisons car park in Tavistock, I had no option but to swing by and take a closer look. By the time I got to, the driver had disappeared into the shop, but wow, what a car. Unlike the new baby Range Rover, this Mercedes had no smoking box, no George Lamb or no Posh Spice to add an extra layer of excitement to the proceedings. And all the better for it.

[caption id="attachment_592" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Mercedes Benz Ponton Posh Spice is standing behind the lamppost[/caption]

A little research has revealed that the car is from the W120/121 series of Mercedes Benz, which were also known as the 'Ponton', a term given to many European cars built during the post-war period. Sold under the model name of either the 180 or 190, they were built between 1953 and 1962. The smaller 180 being the precursor to the modern C-class and the 190 paving the way for the E-class. I'm not even going to start to claim any further knowledge than this - all the information you could possibly need is out there on various enthusiast forums and websites. I just appreciated this car for having the ability to effortlessly stand out from the crowd on a dreary Thursday evening. Highlights include the white wall tyres, black roof and red hub caps. This isn't just Class, this is Mercedes Class.

I also tip my hat to the driver in recognition of him taking what is a 50 year old car out in the rain and parking it perilously close to the lesser cars in a supermarket car park. Respect Mr Mercedes Ponton Owner. I especially like the dictator style Kernow flag on the offside wing. I guess this helped you escape across the border and into Devon.

[caption id="attachment_593" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Mercedes Benz Ponton George Lamb will be along shortly. Allegedly.[/caption]

And I guess that's the beauty of being a petrolhead? OK, so I wasn't one of the lucky few who made it along to the launch of the Range Rover or indeed was I able to get to Goodwood this year, but around every corner there's the potential for something that raises the spirits and makes you happy. Thank you for being there Mr Mercedes Ponton Owner. Make yourself known if you ever stumble across PetrolBlog.

In the meantime, my post has arrived and there's a Range Rover envelope on the door mat...