Remember: an old car is for life, not just for Christmas

Major Waffle
PetrolBlog is shutting down for Christmas, but not before it has joined Noel Tiddybeard in an old car to deliver some Terry's Pyramint to those in need.

Christmas is coming, PetrolBlog is filled with tat. Please put some petrol in the old car's tank. This blog is making like Paul Daniels and disappearing.

But only until after Christmas.

It's the time of the year when we must remember those less fortunate than ourselves. Is it time to check in on that tired saloon that's been sleeping rough all year? Could that ageing hatchback you see on your way to work use a roof over its head? Maybe that neglected coupe next door needs a run in the park.

Too many faithful old cars have been left by the roadside, lost amid the wave of cheap PCP finance, scrappage discounts and charmless crossovers. Now, more than ever, these loyal and trusted warriors of the past need your love and affection.

Just a few quid could change a car's life. With a wash and vacuum, the old car could have the confidence to face the world once more. Your £50 could pay for an MOT, giving the car the courage it needs to venture to C&A, Dixons and Woolworths again. Some air in the tyres could give an old car a boost.

Please give generously. But remember, an old car is for life, not just for Christmas. Thank you.

PetrolBlog will be closed until after Boxing Day. The shutters have been pulled down. The answering machine message is on. The fax machine has been silenced.

Into the groove

Renault 5 delivery van Hermes

All that's left to do is to join Noel Tidybeard in the Renault 5 as we deliver shop-damaged Terry's Pyramint to those in need.

Thank you to everyone who has read, shared, commented on and enjoyed PetrolBlog's words in 2019. Like Madonna, it feels like the site has got into the groove over recent weeks, but it wouldn't be the same without you. Yes, both of you.

Merry Christmas, all. May your old car dreams come true.

Must dash – Tiddybeard has parked on double yellows outside Midland Bank.