The new Citroën C3 has got wood

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Citroën has updated the C3 supermini for 2020. You can now get a wood dashboard to go with your Airbumps. It's the best combo since Eric and Ernie.

Citroën has issued what is, as near as makes no difference, a 4,000-word press release for the updated Citroën C3. That seems like an awful lot of words for a mid-life revamp of a supermini.

The new Citroën C3 is a car for ‘urban and suburban young people who are creative, optimistic and who are constantly on the go’. Does that sound like you? Good, then there's no need to read the terribly long press release. Not that you'd have the time, because you're constantly on the go.

There's a good reason why Citroën has issued a small novel to mark the arrival of the new C3 – competition. The small car industry is loaded with new metal that's perfect for urban and suburban people.

Renault has completely updated the Clio by making it look like the old one. Peugeot has channelled some 205 magic to create the new 208. Vauxhall has used the 208 to build a Corsa that's not quite as good as the Peugeot. And Mitsubishi has quietly unveiled the ‘small yet perky’ Mirage. Not our words, Lynn, but the words of a desperate social media engagement officer at Mitsubishi UK.

Aside from what is likely to be a thoroughly miserable Mirage, they're largely the same. If they can afford the PCP deal and there's somewhere to sync their Huawei, most creative and optimistic types will be happy. Either that or they will buy a Fiesta like everybody else.

Edwood Wood Wood

[caption id="attachment_27646" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Citroen C3 and more wood Citroën C3 and more wood[/caption]

But there's one reason why you should buy a Citroën C3 – it's got wood. In a blatant tip of the beret to the Renault Clio Baccara, the new C3 is available with a wood-effect dashboard. Superbe!

It's both bizarre and brilliant. Citroën's Hélène Veilleux is the lady responsible for this wooden masterstroke. Hélène, in the unlikely event that you're reading this waffle, PetrolBlog salutes you.

Wood you like to read more words?