Merry Christmas from PetrolBlog

Major Waffle

PetrolBlog would like to thank all its customers and wish them all the very best for a happy and healthy 2016. Sadly, we no longer accept Luncheon Vouchers, but anyone still collecting Green Shield Stamps will be pleased to know you can still exchange them for items from our Christmas catalogue.

We still have a few carriage clocks, teas maids, lava lamps and cans of Watneys Party Seven available. Sadly, we're all out of signed photos of Judith Chalmers and Peter Powell novelty dolls. Sorry.

We're now often to join Bob Carolgees and Tom O'Connor on a festive tour of towns beginning with E. We'll start in Egham, before making our way to Esher and on to Eskdalemuir. We only hope Jim has remembered to fix the Commer Spacevan. It hasn't been the same since we lent it to Lorraine Chase.

All that remains to be said is we hope you have a very merry Christmas. You never know, PetrolBlog might return in 2016. Be seeing you.