Madness, motoring, mountains and PetrolBlog stickers

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The Mad Mountain Motoring Club has just returned from an epic 3,300 mile journey around Europe. And PetrolBlog played a very small part.

The Mad Mountain Motoring Club's strapline is direct and to the point - ‘For those addicted to driving in the mountains’. Anyone who has had the pleasure of driving in the Alps will understand why the MMMC exists. Vauxhall may have coined the phrase ‘Once driven, forever smitten’, but in the case of Alpine roads, it's perfectly apt. Personally I'm rather mournful of the fact that my last drive in Alps was more than seven years ago. But the memories are still as fresh today as when I boarded the return ferry to Dover.

The MMM's latest escapade involved two 1953 Sunbeams, an Aston Martin Vantage and a Subaru Impreza. Collectively, the drivers aim was to reach Cortina d'Ampezzo in the Dolomites by the most unusual route possible. This was achieved by a identifying a series of historic and modern rally routes and then stitching them together with the roads that contained the most ‘twisties’. Genius.

The result was that the lucky drivers got to enjoy parts of the Liege Rome Liege, Ypres Rally, Rallye Deutschland and various Alpine rally routes. What's more, they stayed a couple of nights in Colditz Castle, before enjoying the lesser known roads of the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia. Face it, this sounds like a perfect way to spend a couple of weeks. Great cars, stunning scenery, fantastic roads and good company. Job done.

The MMMC is promising to provide updates on its website, so I suggest you bookmark the website today -

I'm pleased to say that PetrolBlog played a very small part in the two week adventure, with Trevor Page's Impreza proudly displaying one of our new car stickers. Check out the following photos of the sticker in question. Surely the most travelled PetrolBlog sticker in existence?

Möhne Dam, Germany

It needs no introduction, the site of one of the most infamous bombing raids of World War II.

PetrolBlog sticker at the Möhne Dam, Germany

Old German border, Harz Mountains

Trevor's Subaru parked on the exact line between the old East/West German border. As Trevor said himself, a rather sobering experience when you consider what the scene would have been like 25 years ago.

Harz mountains, German border in a Subaru Impreza

Border crossing, Wurzenpass

The old border crossings are a fascinating part of European travel. Much like this one on the Slovenia/Austria border, many are immaculately preserved, yet sit eerily silent and empty.

Slovenia / Austria border crossing, Wurzenpass

Passo Giau, Dolomites

The PetrolBlog sticker just visible on an epic road through the Dolomites. The heavy rain reminds me of my own trip to the Dolomites where rain like this would fall with very little warning. And when it rained, it rained very hard. Our record for putting the roof on the VX220 stands at ten seconds and it took place just outside Cortina!

Passo Giau, Dolomites in a Subaru Impreza

Vauxhall VX220 Turbo in Cortina, Italy

Personally, all I want to do now is drop everything, drive to Dover and head down to the Alps for a couple of weeks. Failing that, I may just have to spending a couple of hours recalling the experience from seven years ago and unleashing the supporting photographs on PetrolBlog.

In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on the MMMC website and follow Trevor Page on twitter @tjp_stelvio.

Trevor has the honour of earning himself the first tin of PetrolBlog's new BlogNobs biscuits. More news on how to win a tin for yourself coming very soon. Hint - you'll probably need a PetrolBlog sticker.

PetrolBlog BlogNobs biscuits

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