L@@K, there's a PetrolBlog Shed on eBay.

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L@@K! Time with the PetrolBlog Shed is coming to an end. The Honda Accord Type-Shed has been listed on eBay. Ooh.

Time with the PetrolBlog Shed is coming to an end. After five months and 6,000 miles of togetherness, the Accord Type-Shed is on the way out and has this very evening been thrown to the mercy of eBay. How much it'll fetch is anyone's guess, but with a month left on the MOT and six weeks of tax, I hope it goes for a little more than the £8 starting price. But there's no guarantee of this as the market for used cars is frankly rubbish at the moment. If your car happens to be a large, petrol-engined banger, than the market is even worse.

But in the interests of honest and transparency, I've given the Accord a 'warts and all' listing and taken my own advice from earlier in the year.

Once sold, I'll give my first experience of life with Bangernomics a full report. There's no doubting the effectiveness and brilliance of the theory, I'm just not 100% sure I'm a model pupil. More on this in a week or so.

In the meantime, here's a link to the eBay ad: Honda Accord 2.2i VTEC.

Look out for a new addition to the PetrolBlog Fleet soon. A deposit has been placed and it's being picked up next week. Bangernomics - winter style.