Join Club PetrolBlog – get a cool sticker

Major Waffle
Introducing Club PetrolBlog – a chance to show your appreciation for the blog and the rubbish YouTube channel. Includes a rather cool windscreen sticker.

Right now, the best thing about Club PetrolBlog is the windscreen sticker. Credit goes to ace designer Roy McCarthy for that little gem. He's the chap with the cool Volvo 340, in case you'd forgotten.

What is Club PetrolBlog? It's an idea that's been bubbling beneath the surface for a while. It should have launched a month ago, but a nasty experience got in the way. Right now, Club PetrolBlog is just that: an idea.

If there's one thing I love most about PetrolBlog, it's the sense of community. I'm delighted to say that this has spread to PetrolBlog's rubbish YouTube channel, which is developing a small but loyal following. Thank you.

As my favourite driving partner and former PetrolPod co-host Robin Brown once said, it's better to have a thousand loyal fans than millions of random people who wander by without saying hello. Niche is good. Niche is very good.

Club PetrolBlog sticker on Megane

Which is where Club PetrolBlog comes in. For now, the benefits of membership extend to a jolly lovely car sticker (a new one will be produced every year), the knowledge that you're keeping the blog and the fleet of undesirable tat alive, plus the sense of belonging to a club. That's it. No great promises. No wild claims I cannot deliver on.

There are plans to introduce a Club PetrolBlog hangout on the blog, a WhatsApp group, exclusive members-only merchandise, a dedicated newsletter and unique content. I'm also in talks with companies with the aim of offering Club PetrolBlog offers and discounts. This has been the plan for a while – getting a few members on board will encourage me to make this happen. It will also encourage companies to take me seriously!

I see Club PetrolBlog as a more intimate form of Patreon. Is £15 a year too much to ask to support an independent blog and rubbish YouTube channel? You tell me – I'm happy to adapt and evolve the idea.

For now, you can join Club PetrolBlog by visiting the shop. All new members will receive the really-rather-cool windscreen sticker and a shoutout on the next available video. Beyond that, who knows? It'll be your club, so you can make things happen.

Thanks for reading. Do tell me if this is a bad idea.

Oh, one more thing: as soon as membership reaches a certain level, I'll ditch the annoying ads from the site. Right now, they bring in too much money – the beer money Safrane isn't going to pay for itself...