Is the Perodua Myvi cooler than a Peugeot RCZ?

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What's cooler? A Perodua Myvi or a Peugeot RCZ? You may say that this is a rhetorical question. No debate needed, surely? Don't call us Shirley.

What's cooler? A Perodua Myvi or a Peugeot RCZ? You may say that this is a rhetorical question. No debate needed, the curvaceous and stylish RCZ is much cooler than the boxy and style-free Myvi, right?


You see, two things happened today.

Firstly, Perodua issued a rare press release announcing the arrival of a strictly limited edition Myvi. The Wolfrace Design model is the result of a collaboration between Perodua and Wolfrace Wheels UK and is designed to combine Perodua's "great value for money combined with the style and appeal of the Wolfrace brand".

[caption id="attachment_7917" align="aligncenter" width="576"]Perodua Myvi Wolfrace Design Rear Exclusivity - limited to just ten cars.[/caption]

As you'd expect, the Myvi comes fitted with a set of 17" Wolfrace Brooklands alloy wheels which, apart from looking like they'll be a pig to clean, actually look rather good. You'll also get a silver and red graphics kit, chequered flags and Wolfrace logos. What's more, each car will be individually numbered from one to ten. All this for just £7,999, leaving you only to decide whether you want Ebony Black or Medallion Grey. You'll join quite an exclusive set.

But perhaps not quite as exclusive as a Peugeot RCZ encrusted with 81,000 crystals.

[caption id="attachment_7923" align="alignright" width="225"]Peugeot RCZ with 81,000 diamonds Lucy in disguise with diamonds?[/caption]

Produced to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the RCZ has been presented to two very orange looking people who star in something called Towie. What this is I have no idea, but a chap called Bill Mucklow and a young lady by the name of Cara Kilbey seem to be very happy with their new car. Apparently the RCZ is the automotive equivalent of a vajazzle, although I'm not entirely sure that's a ringing endorsement.

The reception on twitter has been mostly positive, with tweets proclaiming the RCZ to be “totes amaze” and “amazeballs”. This in itself is enough for me to bring out my bling whip and torture myself to death.

Yet another tenuous link to a minor ‘celebrity’ in an attempt to open a car up to new audience sectors.

In launching the sparkling RCZ Vajazzle, Peugeot has somehow taken the gloss of what I thought was a pretty good car. I'm sure the PR stunt will have the desired effect and Peugeot will now be seen by the readers of Heat, Hello! and Smash Hits. Job very much done in that respect. In fact, the Mail Online has already picked up on the story. So that's got to a good thing, right?

But I'll take the £8k Myvi please. In an instant, it has become a cooler prospect than the RCZ. As far I can tell, Perodua never launched a Kelisa Vajazzle or a Nippa Bling Whip. And that, for me at least, puts them one notch ahead of Peugeot.

And just as I thought Peugeot was getting its act together.

Vajazzle image courtesy of Becky Roberts on twitter.