Is Quentin Willson a godfather of PetrolBlog?

Major Waffle
Well knock us down with a feather. Here's a Top Gear blast from the past which suggests that Quentin Willson could be a godfather of PetrolBlog.

"Only fools dismiss cars because they are not cool Britannia" - was this the line that inspired PetrolBlog to spending a lifetime loving the old, the mundane and the oft-forgotten?

The year was 1998 and - during an episode of Top Gear which is remembered fondly - the throwaway line was uttered by none other than Quentin 'two Ls' Willson. An unlikely godfather of PetrolBlog perhaps, especially given his role in that new classic car show thing, but back in the day, Quentin wasn't afraid to slum it with the rest of us.

Even today, the feature in which Quentin Willson scours the small ads for some cheap runabouts has the ability to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It has it all - a greasy spoon cafe, a copy of the Auto Trader opened on the Bargain Buys section, plus a selection of cars to make you go weak at the knees. Prepare for some nostalgia.

Take the Talbot Sunbeam - a 1.3-litre vision of loveliness with a mere 19,000 miles on the clock. At the time, this "tight as a trampoline" Sunbeam was 17-years-old and the £595 price tag seems perfectly justified. Quite what happened next is anyone's guess, because according to the DVLA, it was only in use for a further six years. Sadly, it would appear this little Talbot has disappeared off into the sky to be...ahem, one of god's Sunbeams.

Next up, a delightful 'varicose veins blue' Volvo 340 with just one-owner from new and a full Volvo dealer service history. Note the reference to the dealer number plates and dealer sticker. Could this have been the moment the penny dropped for PetrolBlog? Not for PB, the lure of fast cars and expensive toys. A dealer sticker on the rear window is all that's required.

John S Leek - the name of the Volvo dealer referenced on the sticker - is no longer in business. But it looks like Mr Leek himself is a director of a dealership in Birmingham.

The Morris "dash my buttons" Oxford is a little old to be of real interest to PetrolBlog, but that doesn't stop us getting all excited about the moment the gates are thrown open. And good news - it would appear the Morris Oxford is still around. It's listed as SORN, with the last MOT in 2012. Wonder if the current owner knows it appeared on Top Gear?

There's further good news for the "hearing aid beige" Triumph Acclaim, which is also listed as SORN. Crucially, it was still on the road in 2014, so there's hope that this particular Acclaim looks as good today as it did in 1998.

Volkswagen Polo Breadvan

And finally, the newest car in the feature - a 1990 1.3-litre Volkswagen Polo. Ironically, given the fact that Quentin said "it's a Volkswagen, so it will live forever", the Polo died at the turn of the Millennium. You see, Quentin, you should have bought that Volvo.

But Quentin, it's a big thank you from PetrolBlog for running this feature. You may have gone all upmarket with your supermodel co-presenter and expensive shoes, but we can forgive all that. For the Horizon, 340 and Acclaim - we salute you. Heck, it may even be possible to overlook your shameful slating of the Citroën Xsara VTS...