If the Royal Mail did PetrolBlog stamps

Major Waffle
As the Royal Mail is privatised, PetrolBlog remembers the recent British Auto Legends stamp collection and wonders what cars could grace a PetrolBlog stamp.

Tonight sees the deadline for investors looking to apply for shares in a newly privatised Royal Mail. It all feels a bit 1986, when every other advert on the TV seemed to be instructing this young lad to tell Sid about British Gas shares.

I never did find Sid and I never bought any British Gas shares. Which is a shame, given that the shares are now worth something like twelve times their original price.

Does an opening paragraph focusing on stocks, shares and Sid mean that PetrolBlog is branching out into matters of a financial kind? Of course not. But the rush for Royal Mail shares has reminded me of the British Auto Legends first day covers I was recently sent by Royal Mail.

Originally, it was mooted that the stamps would be personally delivered by a chap in a Jaguar E-Type, but discussions came to grinding halt when the Royal Mail discovered how far west PBHQ is from London. In 1961 a Jaguar E-Type drove flat-out overnight from Coventry to Switzerland to attend the Geneva Motor Show. In 2013, the western fringe of Dartmoor is a step too far for an ageing Jag.

British Auto Legends Jaguar E-Type Stamp

But no matter - on return from my holiday, I discovered a huge parcel containing the British Auto Legends stamps, neatly contained within a rather lovely Royal Mail-red toolbox. They even managed to engrave my ridiculously long name on the side of the box. Cheers, Royal Mail.

You'll have seen the stamps by now - they're rather brilliant. A celebration of British motoring, with four 'workhorses' and six 'thoroughbreds'. PetrolBlog favourites include the 1968 Morgan Plus 8, the 1976 Lotus Esprit and the Land Rover Defender 110.

The set of first day covers is beautifully presented, neatly documenting the history of each vehicle. Even in 2013, there's a sense of romance attached to well-designed first day covers, especially if they pique your interest, as a set of automotive stamps would naturally do.

But the British Auto Legends stamps got me thinking. If the Royal Mail produced a set of PetrolBlog stamps, what would the set consist of?

We could go down the route of the Real World Dream Barn and choose the most popular cars selected by PetrolBloggers over the years. Checking out Now That's What I Call a Real World Dream Barn, this would result in a set of stamps including the original Range Rover, the Porsche 911, the Mazda MX-5, the original Mini, the Jensen Interceptor, the Audi A2 and Quattro, a Caterham and the Mercedes-Benz SL.

A nice selection, but not exactly dripping in PetrolBlog.

It's actually a rather tough process, maybe highlighting the need to define what the true essence of PetrolBlog really is?

In the meantime, I present the following candidates to you. Six 'thoroughbreds' of PetrolBlog, soon to be immortalised on stamps by the Royal Mail. Or maybe not...

  1. MK1 Renault Twingo - just because
  2. Citroën AX GT - for distinctly non-fragile deliveries
  3. Citroën C6 - for true first class deliveries
  4. Fiat Panda 4x4 - for rural and winter deliveries
  5. Volkswagen Passat W8 - for when it must be there on time
  6. Bedford Rascal - for packages and supplies of BlogNobs

MK1 Renault Twingo

Thinking about it, this means the Royal Mail has inadvertently created a fun-size Dream Barn. And if my Casio FX-82L calculator serves me correctly, the entire collection could be purchased for less than £15,000. Or about the price of a first class stamp.

And of course, given that the Queen is unlikely to lend her head to a PetrolBlog stamp, we need another figurehead. There can be only one - step forward, Sir Chris Goffey. PetrolBlog has given you the...ahem...official stamp of authority.

Oh, and if anyone sees Sid, could you tell him?