Man buys Hot Wheels toy but fails to post photo on social media

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The world of motoring social media has been plunged into turmoil after it emerged that a man in his 40s bought a Hot Wheels toy in a supermarket but failed to upload a photo to Twitter.

Jeff, not his real name to protect his identity, was shopping at the Asda Derby Supercentre in Spondon between the hours of 7pm and 8pm last night. His basket contained two packets of cheese and onion crisps, a Milky Bar, a bottle of Oasis Summer Fruits, some paracetamol tablets and a Hot Wheels Ford Escort RS2000.

He paid for the items using contactless, packed the items into a Sports Direct bag* and drove home in his R-reg Ford Freda** to a semi-detached property in the Alvaston Moor*** area of Derby.

Having failed to unpack the bag, he fell asleep while watching Anton & Giovanni's Adventures in Sicily, which is when the alleged incident took place.

At the time of writing, a photo of the Escort RS2000, still in its blister pack for maximum social media points, has yet to be posted on Twitter. Jeff is said to be traumatised by the events, but is being comforted by friends and family. 

Hot Wheels in a box 

His friend Alan, not his real name to protect his identity, told PetrolBlog: “Have you even bought a Hot Wheels toy in a supermarket if you haven't posted a photo of the purchase on Twitter? It's one of the unwritten rules of motoring social media and my mate should have known better.

“I'll be hanging on to the Escort until Jeff, not his real name, etc, can see the errors of his ways.”

*Not his real bag to protect his identity. **Not his real car to protect his identity. ***Not his real address to protect his identity.