The Capri ’Testarossa‘ you always promised yourself?

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Back in the day, you could turn your Ford Capri into a Ferrari Testarossa for less than £15. Forget Bodie or Doyle, you could be Crockett or Tubbs.

The Ford Capri was launched in 1969 with one of the most famous advertising straplines in automotive history. Yep, the Ford Capri was ‘The Car You Always Promised Yourself.’

It is fair to say that the Capri has divided opinion over the past four decades. In the years following launch it held a vast degree of coolness, earning the tag of ‘European Mustang’. By the mid 1980s, it was growing old disgracefully, failing to keep up with the new hatchbacks on the block. The late ’80s and ’90s saw it pass into a period of parody, not helped by Del Boy's ‘Capri Ghia’. But the new millennium's obsession with retro-cool helped the Capri to become acceptable and somewhat collectable.

Today, the RS3100, RS2600, 3.0S, 2.8i and 280 are just some of the most coveted Capris of all. But there's one Capri that is sadly overlooked and could quite possibly pass into motoring folklore without so much of a mention in the classic car mags. I talk of the Ford Capri Testarossa.

Why go to all the hassle of spending millions on aerodynamics and engineering, when for £14.90, you can turn your Mk3 Capri 1.6 LS into a Ferrari Testarossa with little more than a packet of stickers?

Yes, it's true. Available at most good motoring shops – and some pretty awful ones – these self-adhesive vinyls will transform your life. Be amazed as your neighbours bow down and worship at the Italian stallion that has arrived on the driveway next door. Women will swoon, your work pals with turn green with envy and your fellow road users will give you hand gestures of appreciation as they pass you on the inner ring road. Well, at least that's what you'll believe. As the advertising blurb says, get the ‘Ferrari look - at a price you can afford’.

[caption id="attachment_382" align="aligncenter" width="468"]Ferrari Testarossa door fins for the Ford Capri Ferrari look - at a price you can afford..[/caption]

Fitted in seconds, you can be living the dream in less time than it takes to munch a couple of chocolate Hobnobs. The yacht club will welcome you with open arms, you'll queue jump the waiting list at the golf club and you'll be the biggest catch at the next swingers party. Everyone loves a Ferrari keyring.

Not convinced about the transformation? Check out this archive image of a Ford Capri from the 1980s with the Testarossa stripes added. Okay, so the owner has gone to the expense of adding Ferrari paint, but even Gok Wan would struggle to achieve something as wonderful as this. Messrs Crocket and Tubbs will be kicking themselves for choosing the wrong car.

[caption id="attachment_387" align="aligncenter" width="468"]Ferrari Testarossa 1983 Ford Capri with Testarossa door fins[/caption]

Quite amazing, isn't it? You'll never look at a Testarossa in the same way again.

Testarossa image courtesy of Frank and Myra ( Original ad courtesy of Car, September 1986.

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