Extreme Bangernomics: Million mile Honda Accord

Major Waffle Honda
A case of extreme Bangernomics. One man and his million mile Honda Accord. An inspiration to us all?!

It is often said that the Honda Accord is one of, if not the most reliable car in the world. Warranty Direct's survey in 2006 certainly came to that conclusion, as did a Which? Survey in 2009. There are others too, just do a Google search for 'Honda Accord reliability' and scroll through the resulting 7.5 million web pages. I can only hope that my very own Accord can deliver the same levels of reliability over the coming weeks and months.But if this video from the US is anything to go by, I really have nothing to fear. Meet Joe and his 938k mile Honda Accord.

Respect to the man - that's real dedication to the cause. Of course, this has now inspired me to the do the same thing with my Accord Type-Shed. The only problem I foresee is the fact that based on current calculations, it'll be 2069 before the target is reached...