Dawn Refuelling: an update

Major Waffle
An update on the first Dawn Refuelling event to be held between Exeter services and Castle Drogo, Dartmoor. July 17th 2011.

Just a week to go until the planned Dawn Refuelling event, so I thought it would be a good idea to confirm a few details.First things first, it looks like we have an event on our hands. I know of at least a dozen people who will be coming along and there's sure to be an eclectic mix of cars. An Ultima GTR, Impreza WR1, Noble, 350Z, Z4MR, a few MX5s, a Passat, a brace of Renault 21s, a new MINI and hopefully my AX GT, to name a few.

The timings are as follows:

7am:  Meet at Exeter Services on the M5

7.30am:  Leave for Castle Drogo, Dartmoor

8.30am:  Meet at Castle Drogo for breakfast and (much needed) coffee

10.30am: Depart

There's no need to meet at Exeter if you fancy an extra few minutes in bed. Some drivers are heading straight to Castle Drogo. I also know that a few drivers are planning some driving after breakfast. As mentioned before, this really is an informal gathering of petrolheads to enjoy some driving, chat and the best bacon sandwiches on Dartmoor!

The previous post is here and there's also a thread on Pistonheads.

Hope to see you next Sunday, the 17th July. For more information leading up to the event follow @MajorGav, @PetrolBlog or @DawnRefuelling. Use the #DawnRefuelling hashtag. Alternatively email me at dawnrefuelling[at]petrolblog.com.

Be good to get a definite idea of numbers, so if you're planning on coming along, please leave a comment below and say what you'll be driving. Alternatively, update the Pistonheads thread.

Thank you.

Update: 13th July

Having liaised with @MikeLemon, we've probably settled on the following route for Sunday. The old A30 should be quiet heading west and once past Okehampton, we'll head north towards North Tawton before heading down via Whiddon Down to Castle Drogo. Probably take just under an hour. Ignore the stretch from L to M, we'll be sticking to the main road to Sandy Park.

There are other options that will take in the moor roads, but these can be saved for future Dawn Refuelling events.

Dawn Refuelling event, potential route to Castle Drogo

As mentioned previously, you're more than welcome to make your own way to Castle Drogo. There are some epic roads to explore, which will hopefully be used for future meets.