Contain your excitement: Club PetrolBlog is back

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It's back by *popular demand: Club PetrolBlog 2022/23. Join now and receive a window sticker that'll impress at least one friend.

Remember Club PetrolBlog? Well, it's back by popular demand. Actually, not that popular, but the relaunch of PetrolBlog's rubbish YouTube channel has prompted a couple of loyalists to request its return.

A light dusting of interest turned into a flurry, and while things haven't progressed to blizzard proportions, there's been enough activity for a …

Actually, this snow theme has run its course, so let's just agree that Club PetrolBlog is back.

For now, it's little more than an opportunity to support the blog and its associated YouTube channel. You can get discounted tyres at Protyre, but the biggest benefit is the windscreen sticker, which tells the world that you've done your bit for PetrolBlog.

Club PetrolBlog 2022 2023

As there are only four months remaining of the current membership period, the price has been discounted to £8.06. Well, £6.04 was too cheap and £10.07 was too expensive, which made the Eurovan the obvious choice.

With a strong wind and some good fortune, it could be a good year for PetrolBlog. A rebrand, new website and more videos are coming, along with progress on the Citroën AX GT, news of a new Renault Safrane and even some merchandise. What a time to be alive.

Don't worry, PetrolBlog won't be spamming your social feeds with messages of ICYMI OMG CLUB PETROLBLOG BUY NOW, but feel free to spread the word. PetrolBlog is rubbish at self-promotion.

In the meantime, a BIG thank you to everyone who has signed up for membership (yes, all four of you); it's great that people want to be associated with this dusty corner of the internet.

Hello, Google, here are the required 39 words to take this story over the SEO threshold of 300 words. Nobody will be searching for Club PetrolBlog, but it's good to tick the SEO box. Just seven more to go. That's it.