The Chinese Citroën C2 will mess with your head

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In 2006, when Citroën decided to enter the Chinese supermini sector, it turned to Peugeot for help. The result was the Citroën C2, but not as we know it.

The Chinese market Citroën C2 looks like the kind of car you might dream about having had a bit too much Stilton before going to bed. Dream or nightmare, depending on your point of view.

Coincidentally, did you know that eating Stilton can result in ‘odd dreams’? This bed company reckons that somebody had a dream about a vegetarian crocodile, which could no longer eat children. And you thought PetrolBlog was odd.

Anyway, back to the Chinese Citroën C2.

It'll look familiar, because it's based on Peugeot's best-selling vehicle – the 206. Some 8.3 million were sold globally, but none looked anything like this.

Peugeot C2?

Citroen C2 China rear

When Citroën wanted a slice of the Chinese supermini market, it turned to sister company Peugeot for help. The result was the Citroën C2, although it shared absolutely nothing in common with its European counterpart. Instead, it looked like a Peugeot 206 with shades of the contemporary Citroën C4 at the front, and a whiff of nasty aftermarket rear lights on the back.

It's not bad looking, it's just that it looks a little odd, especially to European eyes.

Actually, let's be honest, it is bad looking. Citroën managed to take a very pretty supermini and turn it into something that looked like one of those generic cars that are used in adverts for car insurance. Either that or it's a Peugeot 206 that's straight outta Grand Theft Auto.

Citroën 206?

Citroen C2 China interior

Citroën said it was aimed at a “young, dynamic customer base, looking for modern design and styling”. The company went on to say that the C2 offered “prestige looks”, “exceptional dynamic qualities” and “exemplary roadholding”. There were two petrol engines available: a 1.4i and a 1.6i 16v.

The C2 – which was Citroën's first supermini in China – was built at the firm's Wuhan plant from 2006.

Looking back, Citroën should have sent the 206 to the chap with the elephant and a sledgehammer. The results would have been better.

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