Bangerwatch: Renault 11 Turbo

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PetrolBlog finds a Renault 11 Turbo in the classifieds. Surely it is worth £500 for the yellow fog lights alone?

French performance cars from the 1980s just look better when they're painted black and come complete with yellow fog lights. Throw in a red pinstripe around the plastic bits and add some shouty red decals and we may as well be in petrolhead heaven.

Not since the Renault Fuego Turbo have we seen such gloriously over-the-top side decals on a car.

I therefore give you, the Renault 11 Turbo.

Renault 11 Turbo for sale

This particular example is currently on sale for the princely sum of £500 and in my book, it's worth that just for the yellow fog lights. But as the seller admits, it needs attention and is being sold for repair or spare parts. But with only seven examples currently roaming the streets of Britain and a further 31 laid up, presumably in someone's front garden, it needs to be rescued. You'll be able to make a little bit of money back through selling the hideous aftermarket alloys and if the stainless steel exhaust is a horror story, sell that too. You can then get to work on the inevitable electrical issues as well as hunting down any signs of rot.

The ad can be seen here.

In the meantime, check out the wonderfully eccentric and slightly surreal TV ad for the 11 Turbo. The creative team who put the ad together were obviously under the influence of something when they put this together as, amongst other things, it features dancing petrol pumps and talking street lights. Also, check out the scene at 20 seconds as I think we need to establish what the car in front is. The amount of smoke isn't necessarily a good sign.

But in general, I think the overriding message we need to take from the ad is that drinking and drugs simply don't mix. In the meantime, I shall be contacting Shell to ask them to install dancing petrol pumps. Might help to get over the boredom of waiting for someone to do their weekly shop as you wait to fill up.

Anyone fancy taking the plunge on the Renault 11 Turbo? It may not have quite as much retro coolness as the 11 Electronic, but come on, it's black, it has red decals and just look at the yellow fogs. Go on, do it...