Bangers and flash: Peugeot 309 XS heads to auction

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This 1987 Peugeot 309 XS last saw an MOT testing station in 2014. A lot can change in seven years, but although the list of reasons for failure is long, nothing looks terribly taxing. Brakes, tyres, lights and wipers – the kind of things you'd tackle as a matter of course when rescuing a car that's been laid-up for a few years. The want is strong for this Peugeot 309 XS. The want is very strong.

It's going under the hammer at Mathewsons in February. That's the auction house famous for playing host to the second best motoring show on television. The listing says that the car is likely to sell for at least £1,500.

Need for tweed

1987 Peugeot 309 XS 

Before the arrival of the 309 GTI, the Peugeot 309 XS was the performance flagship of the range. It features the 1.6-litre engine and five-speed transmission from the 205 GTI, which makes it a bit of a sleeper. The engine produces 115bhp at 6,250rpm, with peak torque of 98.4lb ft at 4,000rpm. Top speed 120mph. Zero to 62mph in around 10 seconds. It might lack the visual impact of the 309 GTI, not to mention the 1.9-litre engine producing 130bhp, but that just adds to the appeal.

Besides, you get the tweed sports seats from the 205 XS, front fogs, a very 80s pinstripe, subtle rear spoiler and 14-inch alloy wheels.

‘The makings of something’

Peugeot 309 XS auction 

The Speedline SL201 alloys were lifted from the 1.6-litre 205 GTI, so they come with a rich pedigree. They're also in with a shout of being the coolest alloy wheels of the 1980s. Well, in the top 10.

According to Mathewsons, the Peugeot 309 XS “has got the makings of something”. Simply spending a weekend with crate of cleaning gear would be a joyous experience. Just imagine what the bumpers would look like after a gallon of trim restorer.

Records suggest that there are no examples of the Peugeot 309 XS on the road, with a further 16 listed as SORN. This makes it one of the rarest Peugeots in Britain – it's your duty to restore it to former glory.

It's one of two Peugeot 309s available at the Mathewsons sale. For some reason, PetrolBlog finds the 309 XS more appealing than the 309 GTI Goodwood. It's a 1.6-litre 205 GTI saloon. What's not to like?

Click here to view the auction description. Maybe Petrolblog should buy it for use as a Club PetrolBlog pool car. Now there's a thought.