Adam Baker's Real World Dream Shed

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Adam Baker's Real World Dream Barn had a real Vauxhall flavour to it. Now - as he selects his Real World Dream Shed - we discover he has an eclectic taste.

Compiling a list for my Real World Dream Barn took several months of deliberation and deep thought - it's a harder task than you might imagine. When it was unleashed onto PetrolBlog, it instantly became the Barn with the most Vauxhalls, not to mention the collection with the most horsepower. I make no apology for this. In fact, it's a trend I intend to continue with my Real World Dream Shed.

Being all of 24-years-old, I have spent most of my car buying time playing around in the £3,000 price range (maximum Dream Barn budget of £30,000), only to find that excessive insurance premiums stand in between me and a truly lovely car.

Getting the list down to a final ten has been as tough as I found in the Dream Barn. There's an awful lot of cars to choose from and I could have easily filled two Dream Sheds.

As it stands, my Dream Shed is filled with cars I would have purchased if circumstances had permitted. Plus a couple other cars that I would just love to have. Naturally, I'll kick off with a Vauxhall...

Vauxhall Astra Coupe Turbo

Vauxhall Astra Coupe

The first car in my Dream Shed – the first and only Vauxhall. As close to my beloved Astra 888 as I could get, it would without doubt be the first car to enter the shed. The Coupe Turbo was the base model for the 888 and a few minor tweaks could make it perform to the same standard. Photo © Vauxhall.

Austin Mini

Austin Mini

I've always wanted an original Mini. In my opinion, every Dream Shed should have a Mini - it's not as though it's going to take up too much space.

To me, there is an aura surrounding the Mini that makes it something special. Watching The Italian Job over Christmas has only reaffirmed this view. You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off, etc, etc. Photo © MINI.

Subaru Impreza WRX

Subaru Impreza WRX

Having been a long time fan of rallying - and indeed a fan of speed - the next logical step was a Subaru Impreza WRX. A quick search on Auto Trader reveals that it's possible for me to include it in the Dream Shed.

The Subaru has played host to two much-loved and much-missed WRC drivers, so it would be fitting to have one in my Dream Shed. Photo © Subaru.

Fiat Barchetta

Fiat Barchetta

I included the Barchetta in my Dream Barn last year, and it has to be included again in my Dream Shed. Like I said in the Barn, I have admired 'the little boat' since I first started playing Gran Turismo all those years again.

Personally I think there is something special about a small engined convertible. No need for speed or handling expertise, just the open road and the roof down.

My favourite part of the Barchetta - the door handles. Pop out perfection. Photo © Fiat.

Audi TT

Audi TT quattro

Now, I haven’t been the biggest fan of the original Audi TT, but when perusing Auto Trader for some inspiration my eyes stumbled across the TT, and lots of them.

Giving it another thought and it actually made a claim for a coveted corner of the Dream Shed. Its got a fair amount of power from the 1.8-litre turbocharged engine - not to mention the added attraction of quattro four-wheel drive.

I'm still not a huge fan of the TT's styling, but that won't matter when I'm sat in that glorious interior, taking my favourite road flat out. Photo © Audi.

Porsche 944

Porsche 944 Turbo

A Porsche that fits the budget will always have a place in a Dream Barn or Dream Shed - assuming one of Stuttgart's finest remains affordable.

A 944 at this price won't be in immaculate condition but it would be generally OK. Again, I'm not totally sold on the styling, but there is something about the square wedge shape that I admire. Photo © Porsche.

Mitsubishi FTO

Mitsubishi FTO

Again, the Mitsubishi FTO is another car that I first saw whilst playing Gran Turismo. I fell in love with it on the PlayStation and - having seen a few in the wild - I'm now even more convinced that I want one.

It is another of those cars that I always looked at when changing cars, but sadly something that has never came to fruition. Photo © Mitsubishi.

Smart Roadster

Smart Roadster

Much like the Barchetta - a small engined, two-seater convertible. Not much power to it, but then it's not all that big either. If it's good enough for Gordon Murray...

There is also a mildly bonkers Brabus version, which would naturally be my first choice if one could be found within the budget. Photo © Smart.

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender 110 in snow

Now, I had to include a 4x4 of some kind in my Dream Shed and - if truth be told - I really fancied a Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution. Sadly, it's impossible to find one within the budget. The question is, how to replace the mad Mitsubishi? Well there could be only one choice.

Yup, I have opted for a trusty - and probably rusty - Land Rover Defender. Like the Mini, every Dream Shed needs a Landy. Photo © Land Rover

Ford Capri

Ford Capri

The Capri was the car that came to mind when I first started thinking about producing a Dream Shed. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to include one in a good condition, but after a little searching it is possible to find one in a reasonable state.

It’s here based on coolness factor alone. I have always believed the Capri to be one of the coolest and best looking cars Ford has ever made. Prices continue to rise, so I'd need to be quick. Photo © Ford.

If you'd like to submit a list for your very own Real World Dream Shed, get in touch with PetrolBlog.