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David Milloy remembers the MK1 Ford Fiesta XR2

Duncan McVitie arrives on PetrolBlog as a guest blogger and remembers the brilliant MK1 Ford Fiesta XR2

David Milloy remembers the Renault Avantime

Duncan McVitie remembers the Renault Avantime, a much loved favourite of PetrolBlog. A car ahead of its time that failed to capture the public’s imagination. Shame.

The Rancho’s back – courtesy of David Milloy

Duncan McVitie puts together a short video for PetrolBlog, demonstrating the brilliance of the (Talbot) Simca-Matra Rancho. Excellent.

David Milloy’s position on the Lotus Elan M100

New on PetrolBlog, Duncan McVitie takes a break from French Fancies to write some words on the Lotus Elan. No, not that one, the M100…

David Milloy and his magic lantern

David Milloy has been hallucinating about magic lanterns and a genie which gives him free choice of some hot cars from the 1980s. Here’s his famous five.

David Milloy writes: numerical disadvantage

David Milloy remembers a selection of cars that are fast disappearing from our roads. Buy one while you still can.

Happy New PetrolBlog: what next?

PetrolBlog ponders its future… again.

Skoda’s decision to kill the Yeti is abominable

According to Autocar, the Skoda Yeti is set to replaced by a new, characterless model called the Karoq. Oh dear.