90s CARS

31st May 2012

The Pentillie hill in a Saab 9000i

The Pentillie Festival of Speed is just 12 weeks away. Come the end of August, the Tamar Valley will be alive with the sound of hillclimb […]
5th April 2012
renault 21 gts

Old Gold Top Gear: Renault 19 and 21

It’s been two weeks since the last episode of PetrolBlog’s Old Gold Top Gear, so to make up for lost time, this week’s video features not […]
22nd March 2012
Skoda Favorit LXie Flairline

Old Gold Top Gear: Skoda Favorit

You can set your watch by it. Thursday evening, 8.30pm, PetrolBlog TV presents Old Gold Top Gear. The Skoda Favorit.
15th March 2012
Yugo Sana

Old Gold Top Gear: Yugo Sana

It's 8.30pm. It's Thursday evening. It's PetrolBlog. Must be time for some Old Gold Top Gear featuring Tiff Needell and a Yugo Sana.
8th March 2012
Citroën ZX Volcane

Old Gold Top Gear: Citroën ZX

It's 8.30pm, time to settle down in front of the TV with a glass of Blue Nun and behold all that is good about old school Top Gear.
1st March 2012
Ford Cougar

Old Gold Top Gear: ’90s coupés

It's Thursday 8.30pm, so it must be time for Old Gold Top Gear. This week, it's a look back at some coupés from the late 1990s.
31st January 2012
Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra: Have you driven one?

Craig, the inspiration behind the Real World Reviews is back on PetrolBlog with some words on the Nissan Micra. He mounts a good defence for the little car...
21st October 2011
Lotus Elan

David Milloy’s position on the Lotus Elan M100

New on PetrolBlog, Duncan McVitie takes a break from French Fancies to write some words on the Lotus Elan. No, not that one, the M100...
26th September 2011
Saab 9000i

Lovely stuff: 1990 Saab 9000i

PetrolBlog unveils the latest addition to the fleet. It's very Swedish and unfashionably retro. That'll be the flat-nosed 9000i then?
16th September 2011
Honda Accord Type-Shed

L@@K, there’s a PetrolBlog Shed on eBay.

L@@K! Time with the PetrolBlog Shed is coming to an end. The Honda Accord Type-Shed has been listed on eBay. Ooh.
9th September 2011
Bangerwatch: Fiat Uno Turbo IE

Bangerwatch: Fiat Uno Turbo i.e

PetrolBlog finds a Fiat Uno Turbo in the classified and urges someone to buy it. The rescue job is on!
18th July 2011
Porsche 968 Sport badge

Purple days: Porsche 968 Sport

PetrolBlog takes a Porsche 968 Sport to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Here's a rather misty eyed look back at the journey.