90s CARS

12th July 2013
On track: PetrolBlog's Citroën ZX 16v

On Track: Citroën ZX 16v

As the Citroën ZX 16v passes its MOT with flying colours, PetrolBlog now plans to treat it to its first track day and to finally rescue the Citroën AX GT from the abyss.
24th June 2013
Bringing back Gene Hunt: Jump The Say

Firing up Gene Hunt: Jump They Say

PetrolBlog believes it's too long since Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes was screened on TV. So, it's proposing a 90s version and here are some cars for Gene Hunt.
17th June 2013
Old FARTs on PetrolBlog: Proton Impian

Car Confessional: Old FARTs

Car Confessional: PetrolBlog declares a love for a trio of Far Eastern saloons - affectionally known as Old FARTS - Proton Impian, Kia Magentis and Hyundai Sonata.
6th June 2013
Old Gold Top Gear: Peugeot 106 XN XND

Old Gold Top Gear: Peugeot 106

It's Old Gold Top Gear, which this week features Chris Goffey and the Peugeot 106. It's aimed at women, so where better to start things off than in a supermarket?
3rd June 2013
Supreme provenance: Audi V8

Supreme provenance: Audi V8

PetrolBlog discovers a rather special Audi V8 for sale on eBay. Or rather, an Audi V8 formerly owned by a rather special owner, Tony Rolt.
31st May 2013
Retrospective: Suzuki Vitara on the beach with models

Retrospective: Suzuki Vitara

Retrospective: PetrolBlog's trawl through the filing cabinets to find the best retro press shots. This time it's the turn of the '90s-tastic Suzuki Vitara.
23rd May 2013
Old Gold Top Gear: Proton MPI

Old Gold Top Gear: Proton MPI

It's time for Old Gold Top Gear, which this week features a tanktop-wearing Chris Goffey reviewing the delightfully retro Proton MPI. Look out for some shameless littering too.
13th March 2013
Wake up call: Citroën ZX 16v on PetrolBlog

Wake up call: Citroën ZX 16v

Wake up call: PetrolBlog awakens from its slumber to take the Citroën ZX 16v into Cornwall on a Dawn Raid. Much coffee was consumed.
11th February 2013
Citroen ZX Volcane for sale

Bangerwatch: 1993 Citroën ZX Volcane TD

There's a Citroën ZX Volcane for sale on eBay. Predictably, PetrolBlog has fallen in love with it. Fittingly, the auction closes on Valentine's Day.
8th February 2013
Daewoo Nexia at M&S

Retrospective: celebrating the Daewoo Nexia

It's Retrospective, featuring the Daewoo Nexia, Jennifer 'The Power of Love' Rush and a lady wearing a bath towel. Oh yes indeed.
7th February 2013
jeep cherokee sport

Old Gold Top Gear: Jeep Cherokee XJ

It's time for some Old Gold Top Gear, featuring the music of Bruce Springsteen and the venerable Jeep Cherokee. Americana on PetrolBlog.
25th January 2013
Skoda Felicia retrospective

Retrospective: celebrating the Skoda Felicia

PetrolBlog has been rummaging through the filing cabinet to look for old press photos. First up is the star of the mid-90s: the Skoda Felicia.